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Reincarnation in Hinduism


This Video is my very own understanding and yours may be Completely different, so take it simple!!! and I mentioned earlier than nothing to debate about it.

Scientific Perception:
The soul is, referred to as Athman = Shakti= enrgy.

As power can neither be created nor destroyed so too the Athman (soul) can’t be created or destroyed, however may be transferred from matter to matter.( this switch of power from one matter to a different is what we name rebirth).

That is the Vigyana. Sri-Krishna in B.G.says Vedas may be understood solely when one is supplied with Gyana and Vigyana “Gyana- Vigyana,sahitham”.

Religious Perception:
Religious individuals believes the soul is immortal and takes delivery time and time once more. By way of this course of, we have now experiences, study classes and evolve spiritually. Lastly we graduate from bodily delivery.

Hindu Spiritual philosophy – half 1 – half 2 – half 3 – half 4

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