Reclaim Catchers


Reclaim Catchers are useful attachments for dabbing rigs that capture and retain oil globules instead of them getting lost within the rig itself. Easy to use and clean, Reclaim Catchers helps save money by cutting waste. The actual Interesting Info about Reclaim Catchers.

Reclaim Catchers are glass or silicone attachments designed to sit between the joint and nail/banger, collecting usable concentrates in a small jar for storage and being easy to maintain when cleaned with warm water or cleaning solution.

Easy to use

Reclaim Catchers are an indispensable addition to any dab rig and one of our favorite accessories because they make cleaning up after every session so much simpler. Attach one between your banger and the joint of the rig; resin from dabbing falls into it, where it can be collected by its silicone dish at the bottom; when finished dabbing, this leftover resin drops through and into it where it can easily be collected again by retrieving. Reclaimed resin can then be used in another session or stored away for later use.

Reclaimed resin is particularly helpful when dealing with thick dabs that become stuck inside your pipe, become inhale-unfriendly, and create blockages in your rig. Melting and reheating concentrate globs may work, but that takes too much time and may clog up even further the pipes of many users. Therefore, using a reclaim catcher is the optimal way of dealing with unwanted oily globs of residue.

When buying a reclaim catcher, be sure to purchase a high-quality model made of borosilicate glass with dimensions suitable for your dab rig’s joint size and angle. A removable chamber makes cleaning much simpler; plus, choosing a reliable brand can bring peace of mind.

Easy to clean

Reclaim catchers are an effective and cost-efficient way to make dabbing more pleasurable and less messy. Constructed of silicone – an oil-repellant material that resists buildup – these accessories make life much simpler for dabbing enthusiasts and make cleaning much simpler compared to glass, which may break easily and is much safer and cheaper overall. You can clean it using isopropyl alcohol and water solutions designed for silicone surfaces.

Reclaim catchers attached to the base of your banger or nail and collect leftover wax from dabbing sessions, helping prevent clogs and maintaining clean pipes. Regular dab users should consider investing in one as it will protect expensive oils from being lost over time.

Most dabbing enthusiasts have probably experienced the frustration of trying to take a hit only to discover that an oil globe has clogged their pipe. While this might not happen every time, it can still be extremely annoying and potentially lead to permanent damage to your pipe system.

Utilizing a reclaim catcher can solve this issue by collecting oil for later use. While some dabbing enthusiasts enjoy cooking with it, others like smoking it or adding it to edibles. You could even use your reclaimed oil to save money when seasoning bangers and nails with it! Just be sure to clean out your reclaim catcher after each use and dispose of it properly.

Easy to repurpose

Reclaim catchers make it simple and efficient for dabbing sessions to reclaim any bits of wax that don’t hit the banger, such as small chunks that escape. They serve a similar function to an ash catcher but are usually made of glass or silicone and feature a removable bottom for easier cleaning. Reclaiming catchers can even be reused during subsequent sessions!

Reclaim Catchers come in various joint sizes and styles, though most commonly 14mm and 18mm joints. Some can even accommodate any standard size imaginable! Constructed of either glass or silicone material, they come in different shapes, sizes, angles, and bends – perfect for saving money while keeping your rig clean and safe! Adding one between your banger and dab rig can save both money and keep things sanitary!

As with any product, purchasing a high-quality and compatible reclaim catcher with your setup in terms of size and attachment style is the first step in using it. Reading reviews about it also makes for great insight. Once purchased, please attach it to your nail or banger following any user instructions for optimal use.

Reclaim catchers are designed to collect waste wax from your dab sessions, and retrieval is easily achieved with just one shake. Reusable wax can then be recycled into another session or stored separately in a container – or used to season new nails or bangers, which is essential for extracting maximum flavor from concentrates.

Easy to store

Reclaim catchers not only save money but can help your rig remain cleaner for longer as well. They do this by limiting how much extra oil collects in their chamber – something which would otherwise cause clogging and reduce the performance of your device – thus making them an essential investment for those who enjoy dabbing.

Silicone accessories make these tools super-simple to clean and maintain, as well as being virtually unbreakable, so yours should last you years of dabbing sessions to come! Just give it an occasional rinse in isopropyl alcohol to ensure its readiness for your next session of dabbing!

Reclaim Catchers come in various sizes, materials, and attachment styles. Some even feature a removable glass tube or silicone container at the bottom to provide extra filtration and ease of use – perfect for those who use large quantities of wax concentrates to keep it separate from your vaporizer’s chamber and preserve more usable product.

Reclaim catchers that attach directly to the joint of your rig or bubbler also exist, though with much smaller capacities than drop-down models. Still an effective way of saving more concentrate!

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