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[Q/A] Science Of Sound In Hinduism | Dr M G Prasad | Vedic Perspective On Acoustics | Naada & Shabda


[This talk on “Science of Sound in Hinduism” by Dr. M. G. Prasad was recorded on August 17, 2019 at INTACH, New Delhi. Little did we know that Dr. M. G. Prasad would not live to see his talk live on YouTube. He passed away on Nov 25, 2019. We at Srijan Foundation are deeply saddened by his passing away and dedicate this video as a tribute to his ‘atman’].

Important Discuss:

Science of sound usually refers to review of vibrations of air particles significantly within the audible frequencies. In Hinduism, the phrases akin to Naada and Shabda are used. Nevertheless neither naada nor shabda could be translated straight as sound as a result of Naada and Shabda check with way more than vibrations of air particles. In RigVeda, a mantra offers the method of human speech in 4 phases of which the final stage is audible sound.

This discuss offers with varied elements of Naada and Shabda and their influence on varied elements akin to speech, music and spirituality. The discuss additionally discusses the connection of naada and shabda to consciousness.

About Speaker: –

Dr. M.G. Prasad was Professor Emeritus at Stevens Institute of Expertise, Hoboken, New Jersey. He was a Fellow of 4 skilled societies specifically American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Noise Management Engineering, each Acoustical Societies of India and America.

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