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Punjabi individuals

00:02:15 1 Geographic distribution
00:02:25 1.1 Sikh period Punjab
00:04:48 1.2 Partition of Punjab
00:08:02 1.Three Punjabis in Pakistan
00:10:12 1.Four Punjabis in India
00:13:28 1.5 Punjabi diaspora
00:14:37 1.6 Punjabi homeland
00:15:19 2 Historical past of Punjab
00:19:38 Three Religions
00:21:41 3.1 Punjabi Muslims
00:24:13 3.2 Punjabi Hindus
00:25:25 3.Three Punjabi Sikhs
00:26:41 3.Four Punjabi Christians
00:28:25 Four Tradition
00:29:18 4.1 Position of girls
00:30:19 4.2 Language
00:32:33 4.Three Delicacies
00:33:22 4.Four Music
00:33:49 4.5 Dance
00:34:47 4.6 Marriage ceremony traditions
00:35:38 4.7 Folks tales
00:35:58 4.eight Festivals
00:36:41 4.9 Conventional costume
00:38:08 4.10 Sports activities
00:39:47 5 Notable individuals
00:39:56 6 See additionally

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– Socrates

The Punjabis (Punjabi: پنجابی‬, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) or Punjabi persons are an ethnic group related to the Punjab area in South Asia, particularly within the northern a part of the Indian subcontinent, presently divided between Punjab, India and Punjab, Pakistan. They converse Punjabi, a language from the Indo-Aryan language household. The identify Punjab actually means the land of 5 waters in Persian: panj (“5”) āb (“waters”). The identify of the area was launched by the Turko-Persian conquerors of the Indian subcontinent. The historic Punjab area (see the partition of Punjab for vital historic context) is sometimes called the breadbasket in each India and Pakistan.The coalescence of the assorted tribes, castes and the inhabitants of the Punjab right into a broader widespread “Punjabi” id initiated from the onset of the 18th century CE. Previous to that the sense and notion of a standard “Punjabi” ethno-cultural id and neighborhood didn’t exist, despite the fact that nearly all of the assorted communities of the Punjab had lengthy shared linguistic, cultural and racial commonalities.Historically, Punjabi id is primarily linguistic, geographical and cultural. Its id is unbiased of historic origin or faith, and refers to those that reside within the Punjab area, or affiliate with its inhabitants, and those that think about the Punjabi language their mom tongue. Integration and assimilation are vital components of Punjabi tradition, since Punjabi id will not be based mostly solely on tribal connections. Kind of all Punjabis share the identical cultural background.Traditionally, the Punjabi individuals have been a heterogeneous group and have been subdivided into plenty of clans referred to as biradari (actually which means “brotherhood”) or tribes, with every particular person certain to a clan. Nevertheless, Punjabi id additionally included those that didn’t belong to any of the historic tribes. With the passage of time, tribal buildings are coming to an finish and are being changed with a extra cohesive and holistic society, as neighborhood constructing and group cohesiveness type the brand new pillars of Punjabi society. In relative modern phrases, Punjabis could be referred to in three commonest subgroups; Punjabi Muslims, Punjabi Sikhs and Punjabi Hindus.


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