Preserving Our Hindu Custom | A Perspective from a Hindu born outdoors of India


It is 2018. Occasions have modified. How are we going to keep up the Hindu custom?

In case you are like myself you most likely puzzled sometimes — what does the longer term maintain for Hinduism? Dwelling in a rustic the place Hinduism just isn’t the predominant faith or lifestyle means that there’s a likelihood –however small — that our custom and tradition may ultimately fade away and turn out to be a distant reminiscence.

Its simple to take a seat down and blame the world in your troubles and to be honest Hinduism has been attacked for hundreds of years. However at this time, look your self within the mirror and ask your self — what am I doing to keep up the Hindu custom?

With a view to preserve the Hindu custom alive, we must be an ACTIVE particpant in Hindu actions in addition to the Hindu neighborhood. It is easy to take a seat in entrance of your pc clicking all day. Actual work begins whenever you get out of your consolation zone. If you dedicate your life to a trigger. If you do ACTUAL work.

Thanks to Pandit Rajin Balgobind Ji for every week of Bhakti and Gyaan. You’re an inspiration to all of us.

Understanding the West Indian Hindu Expertise:

There IS an issue with Hinduism (and it is with teachers)




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