Pop Up Booth and Pop Up Store Fabrication in the Philippines



Make your pop-up booth stand out at trade shows by using eye-catching graphics with images, slogans, and brands. Not only will these help your booth become memorable among the competition, but they will also draw customers in a while, increasing brand recognition. Discover the best info about custom exhibit booth fabrication in the Philippines.

Backlighting can also add depth and dimension to your booth design, drawing attention to graphic content while increasing the impact of messages. Backlit towers make this easy by lighting up graphics in the booth – they even come complete with instructions!

Selecting an ideal counter or table should also be considered as part of your booth design. A wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations are available – some feature curved backdrops which will stand out among straight displays on the trade show floor. In contrast, traditional forms may allow better traffic flow into your booth.


The Palengke Pop-up Shop was a temporary holiday store featuring food, art, and vintage ephemera handmade and curated by Seattle’s Filipino community. Its visual identity embodied the Philippines’ rugged beauty and communal spirit while simultaneously reflecting the ingenuity of those selling goods as their livelihood.

Fabric graphics printed using dye-sublimation ensure vibrant, eye-catching colors and crisp images that capture showgoers. In addition, this process produces vivid, rich hues that attract them as much as their content.

Pop-up booth displays are increasingly available with curved shapes to set them apart from straight-backed exhibits on trade show floors. Some display booths even use backlit features to draw passersby in. Additional accessories like literature racks can help disseminate information to prospective customers more efficiently, allowing your staff more time to answer customer inquiries and engage customers directly.


Pop-up booths offer established and new businesses an affordable way to reach new audiences and build hype without incurring significant expenses. These temporary displays feature tension fabric graphics installed over an aluminum frame for quick setup and breakdown.

At trade shows, conventions, and exhibitions, these booths can help make your business stand out from the competition and be easily seen by customers. In addition, you can use images, slogans, or brand logos printed onto them to attract potential clients – making your booth even more noticeable among its counterparts and increasing exposure for your business.

Backlighting options are also available for enhanced effects in specific applications. Furthermore, adding backlit towers at the rear of your booth can draw visitors’ attention away from corners and create the impression that they have left your display “far behind.” Alternatively, backlit tables or display cubes can illuminate its front.

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