Plundering in the Apocalypse: One of the best Chinese Novels that can blow your mind!

Plundering in the Apocalypse


If you live to real novels then this article can be able to help you to know about one of the best novels that are very interesting. Plundering in the Apocalypse is a famous Chinese novel that is full of experiences about human nature and morality in the post-apocalyptic setting. This novel was published in 2019 and written by Wind Moon. As it was published, it became one of the most popular and attractive novels in a very few days. In this web novel, you can be able to check out some situational thoughts provoking human minds for both good and evil. So, keep reading and gather some information about this wonderful web novel from this article now.

Overview of this popular web novel

Here you can be able to gather some information about this famous Chinese novel very clearly. We will now explain some chapters from this novel here. So, are you ready to go with us?

From Chapters 1 to 15

Chapter 1

Start of the new beginning

This is the first chapter of this novel and in this chapter, the protagonist,  Zhang Yun awakens from a coma. The world he knew was changed now. In this bleak and unforgiving world, Zhang Yun needs to navigate and come to know this world very well.

Chapter 2

My Regret

In this chapter of the novel, you come to know about the regression of Zhang Yun. His character depth will be established here and he will also decide to make his choices before the Apocalypse and contemplates his path forward.

plundering in the apocalypse
plundering in the apocalypse

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Chapter 3


This chapter of this novel is full of awareness and this is not only awakening from the physical recovery of Zhang Yun but also awakening to the hard reality of the world as well. This chapter is also the mark of the introduction of Zhang Yun to the two powerful factions bandits and settlers at the same time. Are you ready to enjoy the novel right now? Then have some patience and read the other chapter’s basic info now to get a more exciting experience.

Chapter 4

True despair

In this chapter, you can be able to know about the struggles for survival and also the loss of morality in this hard world at the same time. Zhang Yun was a witness of the bandit lifestyle. So, here you can be able to get to know about it all very clearly.

Here are some more chapters given below of this popular novel are also very interesting. Such as,

Chapter 5: My Status Points

The introduction of this chapter is one of the vital layers of this web novel. In this chapter, Zhang Yun tried to discover some of the status points to open up some possibilities for positive growth!

Chapter 6:  The Oath

In this chapter, Zhang Yun decided to change his path. So, this is a turning point in this novel.

Chapter 7: predator’s eyes

Chapter 8: A Teenage Girl

In this chapter, you will get to know a teenage character called Alice Kayden. Her presence is one of the most interesting factors in this web novel.

Chapter 9: The name’s Alice Kayden

This chapter is full of Alice and her mysterious background.

Chapter 10: The day I lost everything

Chapter 11: Miracle and Revenge

Chapter 12: The Goddess of Death?

Chapter 13: Can he be trusted?

Chapter 14: Just how strong is she?

Chapter 15: Misunderstandings

And many more are also there for you to read and experience some thrilling stories in this novel.

Plundering in the Apocalypse: Full of romance, community, and supernatural

This is the most popular web novel that is full of romance, action, adventure, thriller, and supernatural power at the same time. So, let’s check out some more brief information about this novel now.

Romantic elements in this novel:

All of the romantic elements of this novel make all the characters and story more powerful. In those hard days when characters are struggling to survive,  relationships are so blooming. This romantic element shows that even in the hardest of times, humanity, love, and positivity can also bloom to make you feel more confident and stronger than before.

plundering in the apocalypse
plundering in the apocalypse

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Community activities:

Besides the romance-related stories there are also some community insights are there that can surely attract you very effectively. In this novel, you can be able to know about all of the challenges and struggles they face in that hard world. And because of some uncertain circumstances, they also maintain so many things as well. You can get to know about it all in the novel very properly. For survival, some communities emerged and created their different approaches as well. All factors are explained in the novel very well.


Some supernatural elements are also explained in this novel as well. Some experiences of supernatural things will be very exciting for readers.

Some qualities of the Plundering in the Apocalypse’ novel that make it unique and popular!

As you may know, this is one of the famous novels that are full of entertainment, action, romance, adventure, and many more. And the best part is that the popularity of this novel increasing all over the world day by day. So, let’s find out some best qualities of this novel that make it unique and famous so fast!


All of the characters in this novel are very active and it feels real. And this is one of the best qualities of this novel for sure. All characters are playing their role too perfectly and when it comes to a web novel then a good character can surely increase the novel quality very effectively. Plundering in the Apocalypse is the best web novel and all of the characters hit differently to the readers.

All in one:

Plundering in the Apocalypse is full of every emotion. You will get romance, adventure, action, and many more. So, in one place, you can be able to experience so many things and that is unique. From the first chapter to the last one, you will get to know how every character in this novel is struggling to survive on hard days and besides this, you will also get to feel that even in the dark situations, love, life, and positivity will be always there.

Writing style:

When it comes to web novels the first thing that can attract a reader could be the writing style. Plundering in the Apocalypse is the most popular web novel that has super and very effective writing styling. The writer of this novel is Wind Moon and he is the greatest writer in the world. He knows how to attract his readers very positively.


The style of this novel is very innovative. Most importantly, the sense of connection between one character to others is wonderfully explained here. So, besides the writing style, all of the novel style is also very appreciated by all of the readers every time.

Storytelling abilities:

While reading this web novel, you will surely feel very attached to their situations for sure. The reason behind this attachment is its storytelling abilities. Yes, sometimes you may feel like, it is not logically explained properly but the way of storytelling process will surely make you trust that process and characters as well.


Dialogues became very important when it comes to web novels. The Plundering in the Apocalypse is the best web novel that has the best dialogue that will surely attract you. Some motivational dialogue will also make you feel very motivated and the best thing is after reading that dialogue you may also feel connected with those characters and your inner soul at the same time. Is not it great?

plundering in the apocalypse
plundering in the apocalypse

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Read Plundering in the Apocalypse web novel online for free!

If you love to read web novels and want to read the Plundering in the Apocalypse novel now then you can be able to read it online for free! Yes for that, you just need to follow some steps that are given below.

  • Just search on the internet for the Plundering in the Apocalypse web novel.
  • You will surely get so many options there to choose from.
  • Choose one website from them and check out their reading terms and conditions before getting into the novel.
  • Check out the status of the web novel on that page as well.
  • There are 250 chapters in this web novel, so be sure that every chapter is present on that website or not!
  • You can also read about the author before or after reading this web novel for a better experience.

Final thought

So are you ready to experience this web novel? Then just be ready for it because the examination of good and evil will surely make you feel very stuck with those struggling situations very effectively. The Plundering in the Apocalypse web novel will surely make you feel thrilled and also help you to check out some darkest potential futures at the same time.