Pet Simulator X Diamond Mine Update Log


Take advantage of this diamond-filled upgrade! Enchants, loot bags, a potion that makes three times as much, and more! There are also new CRYSTAL exclusives!
Update for Pet Simulator X Diamond Mine
LogMine Access
Travel to the new Diamond Mine via the cave entrance at Spawn!
Mine for Diamonds
It’s time to mine all the diamonds!

Examine three new Diamond Mine areas: Mystic Mine, Cyber Cavern, and Paradise Cave.

Each region has to unlock requirements based on rank, unlocked area, and diamond cost.

However, the final area can only be accessed by releasing a HUGE pet into the wild!

Diamonds that can be broken

Diamond Breakables can be found throughout the mine. The easiest method to get diamonds is to mine these breakables actively!

Loot Bags with Diamonds

There are Diamond Loot Bags anywhere there are diamond breakables! These sacks could be dropped while breaking into the mine.

Start collecting! These prize bags are stuffed with gems! They are, however, so hefty that a magnet will not function on them.

Enchanting Diamonds

  • Diamond Bag Luck I–V: +5%–25% Chance of obtaining a Diamond Bag (Diamond Mine)
  • Diamond Bag Master: +5% chance of upgrading Diamond Bag Tier (Diamond Mine).
  • Madness with Multipliers I to V: During random multipliers, the pet receives +15% to 100% more Coins.

Potion of Three Diamonds

  • We’ve added Triple Diamonds Potion for all you potion fans out there!
  • You will receive 3x the diamond drops on all diamond breakables when you activate this potion.
  • It’s scarce and won’t appear in loot bags or presents.

Exclusively available in the Exclusive Shop!

This Update Added New Pets

  • Massive Easter Yeti
  • Redstone Cat Price
  • Emerald Monkey Value
  • Amethyst Dragon Worth
  • Redstone Cat is quite valuable.
  • Amethyst Dragon Has a High Value
  • Corgi Titanic Mystic Value

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