Online Casino Withdrawal


Casinos that offer instant withdrawals are the panacea for online gambling enthusiasts. Although until very recently, they were practically as challenging to find as a unicorn, today, they are more numerous and widely available to gamblers in our country.

The variety of online casino withdrawal payment methods available today in the best online casinos can be overwhelming for newcomers to this world. One of the most important criteria for choosing one casino is that the chosen one supports instant withdrawals.


PayPal is a classic of instant money withdrawals in casinos. Oh, and it’s also one of the safest and most reliable methods. In case you don’t have an account on the platform, what are you waiting for? It can take just a few minutes for the money to reach your PayPal account from the casino, although it could take a little longer if you later want to withdraw it from PayPal to your bank account.


Skrill is an option that works very similarly to PayPal. Although it is not yet as widespread as the first, it is already accepted by most online casinos. The withdrawal times are the same as in the case of PayPal, that is, practically immediate.


Here we have another e-wallet that supports instant withdrawals from online casinos. The fees it charges its users are minimal, and the security is maximum, so it is also a highly recommended option to withdraw money from the casino in record time. You can also withdraw crypto from your Neteller account.

Credit and Debit Cards

We include them in the list only because they are not as slow as bank transfers and because they are, even today, the most popular option, but we cannot say that withdrawals made by credit or debit card are instant. The average time to receive a credit or debit card withdrawal is between twenty-four and forty-eight hours.

Which Casino Instant Withdrawal Methods Are The Safest?

The truth is that any options mentioned in the previous section are incredibly safe for users. In addition, you must remember that all casinos with a license issued comply with stringent regulations to offer games or bets for real money in our country. Electronic wallets, unlike bank card operations or transfers, avoid having to provide your bank details to each operator from which you want to withdraw money. For many players, this is a plus of peace of mind. Those who value their privacy above all else may prefer to delve into the world of cryptocurrencies, allowing deposits and withdrawals to be made completely anonymous.

In summary, the safest are:

Although credit cards are safe, you will share data with the online casino.

Why Don’t All Casinos Offer Instant Withdrawal?

The truth is that this does not depend so much on the casinos themselves but on the payment options they offer. It may be advertised as “fast,” but “fast” is not the same as “instant,” don’t forget that!

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