Old Fashioned Boy Names


When selecting a name for your baby boy, you want one that will stand the test of time and is timeless – yet sometimes, this cannot be easy when popular names have already become fashionable or widely accepted.

There are plenty of old-fashioned boy names which could make a comeback, including:

1. Bruce

Naming your child is an integral part of their identity, and choosing something rooted in tradition can give him or her a sense of pride and history. But finding unique throwback boy names that aren’t too popular can be challenging!

Bruce is an old-fashioned boy name that deserves to be revived, thanks to its short length, easy pronunciation, Celtic history, and connection with Colin Firth! It could make a remarkable comeback.

Name your son Rupert! It’s an ideal way to honor their heritage and commemorate one of America’s renowned astronauts who perished during an Apollo I accident, or you could opt for its more gentle nickname Rupert from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series; either choice would make an ideal name choice for any child who will become a fearless adventurer!

2. Claude

This old-fashioned boy name stands the test of time. Once widespread in the 1980s, but has since fallen out of favor due to its rich history, made famous by the character Claude Frollo from Victor Hugo’s novel ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame.’ You may recognize Claude from the Looney Tunes cartoon character named Claude Cat.

Though Claude may be considered an old-fashioned boy name, several modern alternatives give it a fresh and exciting edge. Cleveland, Clementine, and Clarence all sound similar but feature more contemporary appeal – helping your baby stand out in the crowd.

3. Clive

Clive is an old-fashioned boy name that gives parents a classic and timeless choice for their son’s name. This name features masculine solid qualities associated with bravery and strength, making it an excellent way to avoid more famous names such as Oliver, Jack Jude, or Gavin.

When hearing the name Clive, one might picture an elderly gentleman sporting a classic British trim with a pencil-thin mustache like Robert Clive, founder of India. However, modern-day Cliffs tend not to fit this mold and more commonly bring to mind actors such as Clive Owen or authors such as Clive Barker.

Clive is an English term meaning steep bank or cliff and was initially used as both a surname and place name for people living near such terrains as riverbanks or cliffs.

4. Clyde

Clyde, an old-fashioned boy from Scotland’s River Clyde, has a retro yet jazzy charm. The name first made an impactful debut as one of the Top 100 names during the 1930s before recently returning to popularity again – perfect for giving young boys confidence! Clyde gives off calm and spirit – which every boy needs in his journey through life.

Parents often look for traditional and unique names; this usually means selecting classic choices with timeless appeal.

Parents often struggle to find old-fashioned boys’ names that aren’t already immensely popular. Luckily, many old-fashioned names possess a vintage appeal that gives them a fresh new appearance; check out this selection of retro boys’ names to find your baby’s ideal moniker.

5. Earl

Old boy’s names possess an irresistibly charming charm you won’t find with modern baby names. Not only are these classic names dignified, but they also have an undertone of strength that may resonate with current parents. Earl is an excellent choice of an older boy name carrying with it history – something newer baby names can’t offer.

Meaning ‘nobleman,’ this traditional English name once served as a title for high-ranking officials before becoming famous as a given name. Although not as widely used today as other older names, its presence remains undiminished over time and will no doubt stand the test of time – you could even add an Earland or Early to add a unique flair!

6. Guy

An old-fashioned name can be incredibly endearing. Conjuring memories from another era, these gentlemanly names invoke memories of classiness and tradition.

Some classic names from yesteryear are experiencing a comeback thanks to their timeless appeal, such as Noah and James, two popular baby boy names that have stood the test of time.

Other old-fashioned boy names that have seen an upswing include Norman, Northrop, and Orson. Guy has seen an unexpected surge in popularity – it references the guy rope used to support a tent or other equipment and can also refer to any man or fellow; its roots go back to British folk hero Guy Fawkes (burned alive for plotting to destroy Parliament in 1605)!

Baby name trends change quickly, while some names remain timeless.

7. James

James is an enduringly classic name that stands the test of time, perfect for boys as its traditional yet refined and short form makes it easy for baby boys to pronounce and spell. James comes from biblical references where it means “supplanter,” making him two of Jesus’ apostles; it even had royal connections thanks to King James VI and VII, popular among Hollywood celebrities and superspies!

Jim can also be written as Jimmie or Jimmy to give it a more casual appeal, making this name ideal for baby boys who will likely go through life collecting nicknames, making this choice genuinely versatile and timeless.

8. John

John is an ageless classic that remains timeless. This name rose in popularity around 1900 before reaching another pinnacle during the 1990s. Parents looking for an old-fashioned baby name with timeless appeal often turn to John. This biblical moniker provides parents with an ideal option that is not too trendy.

Once widespread in colonial America, many baby names from this era are again becoming trendy. Their old-fashioned charm can give your son a sense of his heritage and history.

Men with classic names are seen as strong, reliable individuals. So choosing an old-fashioned word for your son will create a legacy he can be proud to carry forward. Our list of old-fashioned boy names should help you find just the fitting moniker for him or her.

9. Jacob

This biblical name boasts a fascinating past and is ideal for boys today. While relatively underutilized for much of the 20th century, its usage surged rapidly in the early 1980s – and remains popular today.

Jacob is an ageless classic that deserves to make a comeback. It’s easy to spell and pronounce, with an air of gravitas. Additionally, its last syllable lends itself to being called Jake – often adopted as a nickname by children with this name.

Biblical legend tells of Jacob wrestling with an angel and receiving God’s blessing due to this endeavor. This tale teaches us trust and bravery – qualities that should be reflected in your baby’s name. Possible options for consideration are Isaiah or Ezra; both words carry royal undertones, while Felix may become their cute nickname, “Freddie.”

10. Jim

Many expectant parents turn to history for inspiration when choosing a baby name. They want their new son’s moniker to reflect the classic yet cool aesthetic they embody, and this explains why old-fashioned boy names have become such a hit among their generation.

There are plenty of classic names that feel modern and plenty of old-timey choices with numerous cute nicknames that could suit a small man with a big personality.

Jim is a diminutive form of James that became popular in the 1940s. Since then, it has been used by numerous 20th-century icons – from Treasure Island’s main character to AC/DC guitarist Angus Young! Shorten it to Jimmy or even Jimbo for greater convenience!