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Strongest shiva sahasranama thousand names english which means


Offers energy,vitality and efficiency,The Shiva sahasranama is a “listing of a thousand names” of Shiva

understanding the which means offers direct understanding of lord shiva extra with bliss

There are two variations of Shiva sahasranama-one in linga Purana (Being taught by Lord Krishna to sage Markandeya) and the opposite which happens in Anushasanika Parva of Mahabaratha.

Within the Mahabaratha model Yudishtra after listening to the Vishnu Sahasranama from Bheeshma requests him additionally to show the thousand names of Lord Shiva. Bheeshma expresses his incapacity to the identical and requests Lord Krishna to show it to Yudishtra. Then Lord Krishna who has learnt it from Sage Upamanyu teaches it to Yudishtra.


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