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Messi greatness on the football field shows he is a complete footballer

If there is one thing that La Liga TV presenter Semra Hunter and Kate Richardson of MightyTips have in common, it’s their love for Lionel Messi as well as agreement on the question of who is the highest-paid footballerMessi is no doubt a complete footballer and also happens to be the highest-earning athlete in the world. These are issues that the TV presenter and Kate Richardson, a sports betting expert at football and many other fans agree on. Lionel Messi is a complete footballer.

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This is a sentiment that is not only shared so many sports commentators and fans believe so too. Here we are going to present several facts that support this sentiment. If you would like to learn more about Kate Richardson and her predictions on Messi and other great footballers click here.

Seven Ballon d’Or wins

If you doubt Lionel Messi’s greatness in football, look at the awards that he has won over the years. The footballer is celebrating his seventh men’s Ballon d’Or success. This is something that many would only dream of, becoming the best footballer of the year, seven times. And he is not over yet, the footballer is in his prime years, there are chances that he may emerge the winner a couple of times more. If you want to learn how to be a footballer, this is one person you would need to consult; he is the greatest of all. Winning the golden boot seven times, the most coveted award in the world of football is not a small feat.

It shows that the footballer has no equal given that no other player has achieved that. The only player who has come close to this type of achievement is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Manchester United striker has won the golden boot five times and given that his star is waning, he may not be a contender this year and the year after.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player too but judging by the number of times he has won the golden boot in comparison with what Messi has achieved, it would not be farfetched to declare that the PSG striker has no equal for now. This may be what prompted Semra Hunter to declare Messi the best player she has seen in her lifetime. His excellence in different aspects of the game makes him a complete footballer.

Club level

Messi has not only won the golden boot but he has also been honored at the club level. His club honors include:

  • Ten La Liga titles for the period he was at Barcelona between 2004 and 2021
  • Seven Copa del Rey
  • Seven Spanish Super cup titles
  • Four UEFA champion League titles
  • Three UEFA Super Cup wins
  • Three FIFA Club World Cup titles

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National assignments

Messi’s honors have not just come from his club, he has also achieved a great deal for his country. In the 2021 Copa American tournament, the player helped Argentina lift the cup and also emerged as the golden boot winner. Messi critics have been quoted saying that the player has been good at helping his club lift cups but when it comes to international assignments he has not shown the same zeal.

Perhaps this may have prompted him to work hard in the 2021 Copa America where they beat the World Champions Brazil to lift the cup. The same can be said of Ronaldo, the Manchester United forward has done well for the clubs he has been playing for but has been accused of lack of zeal when playing for his Portugal side. This is an area that needs some research as so many other players have been accused of the same.

They have scored goals for their clubs but when it comes to national side assignments, the kind of play that they exhibit during their club matches has not been seen. The Copa America delivery was the third tournament that Messi was winning with Argentina’s side. Others include the Fifa under 20 World cup in 2005 and Olympic gold medal in 2008. Messi has appeared a record 158 times for Argentina’s side. It has been documented that his Argentina career has been troublesome for him in recent years. Winning Copa America in 2021 was a big relief; he can now silence his critics, people who saw him as less committed to his country.

Despite his shortcomings in Argentina’s career, something he shares with most of the players at his level, there is no doubt that Messi is a player to emulate for anyone looking to learn how to be a footballer. Even on the question of who is the highest paid footballer, he tops the list, an indication that his skills and talents are recognized.

Messi will continue to dominate the world football space for long both as the greatest player and the highest paid footballer in the world. Not many may match his greatness given that he still has some years to go before he retires from professional football. Even years after he is out of the limelight he will be a player to watch for anyone looking to know how to be a footballer. Experts at MightyTips predict that Messi star will continue to shine for the coming years. He will be a great inspiration not just for the current generations but more to come.

Semra Hunter’s sentiments on his excellence and his completeness in football are shared by many; those who are starting in a football career can learn from him as well as other great athletes, the field has no shortage of inspiration.

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