Key Essentials to Remember Before Owning a Pet

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Being surrounded by pets is the best feeling a person can experience. They become a major part of our lives and easily get emotionally attached to us. 

Anybody can own a pet, but not everyone can provide them with the best care as per their needs. If you are not adequately prepared, you must conduct thorough research before adopting a pet. As a pet parent, you must do all possible things to care for your pet, including engaging in regular, daily activities to keep them happy and healthy. We recommend consulting veterinary experts to guide you through breed-specific requirements and help you decide on adoption and readiness.

It’s a commitment for the rest of your life to a furry family member who relies on you for their health and well-being. The unconditional love and joy that pets bring into our lives outweigh the additional responsibility that comes with it. Below mentioned are key necessities that all responsible pet owners must provide to ensure your pet’s health and pleasure.

●     Pets need healthy food.

Like humans, pets require food as per their specific nutritional requirements. Dog foods are made to fulfill the nutritional demands of dogs, while cat foods have essential elements that nourish and fulfill their bodily needs. 

Table leftovers are generally not advised for pets as they might have sugar, salt, or other harmful ingredients and can make them severely ill. Balanced meals, whether packaged or home-cooked, can be best recommended by your vet, who understands the health condition of the pet and the stage of growth as requirements change basis that.

●     Veterinarian Visits

Regular visits to the veterinarian form a part of responsible pet keeping. Your dog or cat must have a medical examination at least once or twice a year again. Depending on their age and health condition, your vet can best guide you on how often it’s needed. When your pet is nascent and young, they require more medical attention, and you may have to visit the vet more frequently, depending on their vaccination schedule. However, one must take good care of pets by taking them to the pet dog doctor even when they grow older.

●     Pets need a safe, cozy shelter.

Pets don’t say it directly, but they need water, food, and shelter. Dogs usually love having their bed indoors. Senior pets, in particular, may benefit from an orthopedic bed. Pets do require protection from weather fluctuations. Extreme heat and cold may make them sick, and therefore, they should not be expected to live solely outside.

DCC: Healing hands for your pets 

Did you know? Vaccination helps to protect your pet from a variety of fatal diseases. The vaccination programme for your young puppy or kitten during the initial days can help protect them from critical illnesses. Vaccinations for pets should be done as soon as possible after you bring them home, discuss their age with the vet and plan a schedule.

Are you looking for an animal hospital? The expert team at DCC Animal Hospital looks after your dog’s / cat’s/rabit’s/guinea pig’s health. You can bring your pet to DCC for a routine checkup. DCC veterinarians guarantee that each pet receives adequate attention and time, leaving them feeling confident and satisfied. DCC Telehealth consultation is available through an online booking on our website or a phone call.

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