Magnum Hen Mallard Duck Call by JJ Lares


“Do you want to hear the newest addition to JJ Lares?’ How about a call that will make your ducks stand on their heads and beg for mercy. The Magnum Hen is one of those special sounds just waiting out there somewhere in this world, but sadly not too many people know how it’s made or what makes up its sound-profile so we get left wanting more when someone else has all sorts of awesome gear like these new calls.”

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport has been selling a variety of outdoor products for over 20 years. The store is family owned, and it continues to be based in Colusa– specifically on Sacramento River State Park Avenue (address), where they have one of the best bass fishing departments around! This company also sell waterfowl supplies; thus making them renowned throughout California due their extensive inventory available at this location . Furthermore , Kittles occupies an area close by Delevan Wildlife Refuge as well Grey Life Wildlife Area which makes our merchandise vast enough so there will always something new coming out soon- if not sooner!),

“We believe that our customers should not only have the right equipment for their outdoor adventure, but also know where and how to do it. That’s why you’ll find many of us with years in hunting or fishing experience.”

About J.J. Lares

Chico is the home of a powerhouse that has made one of the world’s most sought-after waterfowl calls for over three decades. Several accolades have been bestowed upon this company, including their ability to produce sounds at varying volumes and tones with ease so users can find whatever they’re looking for quickly in no time flat! The JJ Lares instruments are cast acrylic which comes in many colors but black remains popular because it just looks good on any gun or vest while still giving off its signature tone when needed most – not too mention being tough enough under rough conditions like rain or snow without getting crunched up by pressure; plus we all know how salty those birds get sometimes after playing around outside as much these

You know how it is when you play outside for hours on end. The wind cuts through your clothes like a knife, blustering around in all directions with nothing to hold onto or anchor itself down – but not this gun! I can’t stress enough just how much better these jj lares calls make playing outdoors during bad weather than any other kind would do; they’re durable without getting crushed under pressure and still give off their signature tone even if things get really salty out there after one too many minutes

About the Magnum

The Magnum jj lares call is a favorite of Kittle’s customers and hunters throughout the country for its ability to produce quality sounds with ease, especially in regions where hunting regulations require mallards or blue bill ducks during breeding season when using hybrid Mallard/Wood Duck Wingsetter whistle technology

The Magnum Hen developed by JJ Lares has been an instant success among our regular clients as well as new ones who come into the store looking for something different to try out on those “big girls”. We know one thing after over 20 years of selling this product; it works! People are always blown away by how easy and effective their calls can be with such a small duck decoy.


Searching for the perfect duck call? You’re in luck! There are many great ones at our store, including one from jj lares duck calls called The Magnum Hen. This hybrid-call emulates what it sounds like when a bird flies over water and can open up toms beautifully if used correctly – just make sure you check out all your options first before buying something else again because we have plenty more brands than other stores do!