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Know why Hinduism is The Greatest Faith | गर्व करेंगे आप हिन्दू होने पर


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Hinduism is the oldest faith on this world, it’s a bouquet of spirituality, humanism, tradition and ever embracing others. It has no dogma, no single ebook, no single god. Hinduism is a restaurant which presents many dishes (rituals/prayers) and methods (many deities) to achieve the god by doing good karmas. it doesn’t ask you to stay to only one meals (one ebook) one god. Why ought to we? who instructed us to? God is omnipresent and ever figuring out, we are able to worship in the way in which we would like even by being busy in our daily routine and modifying the way in which we prayer in the way in which we would like. That’s the reason Hinduism is the best and oldest faith on this world.

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