Kiskissing Clothing Reviews


If you’re looking for children’s clothing at wholesale prices, you may want to consider buying from Kiskissing. This online vendor has professional teams that handle product development, quality control, customer service, and shipping. It also has a professionally-maintained warehouse and responds to customer inquiries within twenty-four hours. You’ll find a variety of children’s clothing styles, colors, and materials at Kiskissing.

Kiskissing is a wholesale children’s clothing vendor.

Kiskissing is an online wholesale children’s clothing vendor and manufacturer. Its primary goal is to support the growth of retailers and fashionable kids’ clothing stores worldwide by providing them with top-quality products at wholesale prices. The company has built professional teams for product development, quality control, customer service, packing and shipping, and warehouse operations. Customers can expect prompt replies to their queries within 24 hours.

Unlike most wholesalers, the company offers no minimum purchase requirement and free shipping on orders over $999 or 15% off on orders of $500 and more. The website accepts Apple Pay and credit cards. It also offers a convenient log-in option for customers to view prices before placing an order. Buyers should be aware, however, that if they cancel their orders, the company can deduct up to 20% of the total value of the merchandise. They also charge a 30% restocking fee on returned orders.

Purchasing wholesale children’s clothing is a lucrative business. The market for this sector is projected to reach 6.6 billion pounds by 2021, and numerous vendors are available to serve you. New wholesale buyers must visit local wholesalers in person to assess the quality of products on display. Purchasing from local wholesalers allows buyers to discuss their needs and concerns with the vendor.

Kiskissing Customer Service

If you are looking for a quality online wholesale supplier of children’s clothing, Kiskissing is the right place for you. It is a professional manufacturer in Guangzhou specializing in baby clothes. Its products are made of AQL2. Five quality standards are committed to providing the best quality to its customers. Its new fashion styles are updated daily, and it has been building long-term relationships with its customers. If you are a small or medium-sized wholesale company, Kiskissing is the best choice for your business.


KISKISSING offers trendy and stylish clothing for kids. From everyday casual wear to festive children’s fashion, this brand offers clothing for all occasions. Its prices are affordable and reasonable for any family. You can shop for your child’s clothing online and have them shipped to your door in 7 to 25 days.

KISKISSING has become a leading vendor and manufacturer of kids’ clothing. It is committed to supporting trendy stores and retailers worldwide with its goal of long-term business growth. It provides a solution for retailers facing problems stocking up on children’s clothing.