Joie Kubbie Travel Cot Review


The Joie Kubbie travel cot is compact and lightweight, making it a great option for travel. It can be used in both co-sleeping and bassinet mode, and the 8kg weight makes it mid-weight compared to other travel cots. The Joie Kubbie travel crib can also be easily collapsed, making it the ideal option for compact travel.

Joie Kubbie Daydreamer Napper

We’ve recently received a Joie Kubbie Daydreamer travel cot for review. At PS40, it’s an affordable option for napping your baby. As a bonus, it can be used over a bassinet when your child is in co-sleeping mode. This cot is also not too heavy, weighing only eight kilograms. This is about midweight for travel cots. One of the benefits is that you can easily fold up the cot and put it away when it’s not in use.

A Joie Daydreamer travel cot’s price is competitive with other Travel cots. However, the quality of a Travel cot should always be considered before purchasing. This cot is cheaper than other similar products, so it’s a better idea to compare prices in different stores before buying.

The Joie Kubbie Daydreamer travel cot is a stylish, comfortable sleep area for your baby. It features soft mesh and padded inserts, making it the perfect nest for your baby. The cot’s removable and compact design makes it easy to carry.

Joie Kubbie Travel Cot

The Joie Kubbie Travel Cot is a versatile travel companion that can serve as a side sleeping crib, travel cot, playpen, or bassinet. Its drop-down side is ideal for letting you check on your baby easily. Plus, it comes with a bassinet for added comfort.

The Joie Kubbie Travel Cot is very compact and easy to set up. It can even be stored right next to your bassinet when you use co-sleeping mode. It’s also mid-weight compared to other travel cots. It can be folded flat when not in use, so it’s great for compact travel.

The Joie Kubbie Travel Cot comes in two models: a compact travel cot and a travel cot. The latter one is designed to be compact enough to fit in a small car or trunk. You can even fold the cot into a convenient travel bag.

Compact design

The Joie Kubbie Travel Cot offers parents multiple advantages including a compact design, a removable mattress, and easy transportation. It folds up compactly and features wheels on one side. Olivers carries various models of the Joie Kubbie Travel Cot.

Designed with the convenience of compactness in mind, the Kubbie Travel Cot provides a stylish, comfortable resting place for your baby. It is convenient to use, folds easily, and comes with a convenient carry bag. The compact design of this cot makes it an excellent choice for tight spaces.

No weight limit

The Joie Kubbie travel cot is a versatile product that is easy to fold and set up. It also features a bassinet attachment that can be easily removed. It is also lightweight, weighing around 8kg, making it a nice mid-weight option. This travel cot is also foldable and has wheels on the base for easy transport.

The Joie Kubbie Travel Cot is designed with safety in mind. It has an adjustable weight limit and a drop-down side panel, so it can be used as a bassinet, a floor-level crib, or a travel cot. Its adjustable side panels allow parents to move the baby to the correct sleeping position. This travel cot also features a zip door to create a playpen, which doubles as a play area when not in use. It also has four colorful corners and two wheels, making it easy to maneuver and store.