Jayway Travel Reviews


A custom tour operator based in New York, JayWay offers a unique and authentic experience when traveling. They specialize in Europe and have local offices in the region. They offer personalized attention and pre-trip consultations. They also provide local phone numbers so that you can speak to a representative if you have questions or concerns.

Company culture

If you are considering working for a travel company, it is important to find out the company culture. JayWay Travel was founded in 2006 by Jay Ternavan, who was already planning trips to Europe for several years before deciding to start his own company. He had lived in Europe for several years and led trips for his family and friends from the US every year. It was after one of those trips that Jay decided to quit his day job and launch JayWay Travel.

Working conditions

Whether you’re looking for a flexible schedule or enjoy working from home, JayWay Travel has a job for you. The company’s clientele consists of people from across North America, so you’ll have to be available for evenings and weekends in EST time. The company will offer training and interview skills as well. You’ll also want to read Jayway Travel reviews, which can highlight the good and bad aspects of the company.


If you have a complaint against JayWay Travel, you should first contact your insurance company or local travel service, provider. JayWay Travel is not responsible for any delay or cancellation. Also, JayWay Travel is not liable for travel insurance claims that are denied. If you have any problems while on vacation, it’s important to follow the instructions provided by the insurance company.

JayWay Travel is aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and understands that it poses a risk to travel. As such, it is not liable for any delays or travel restrictions resulting from the disease. In addition, it waives all liability for delays caused by other travel providers or institutions.

Customers must inform JayWay Travel in writing if their plans change. Depending on the circumstances, a change may result in a different excursion. If this occurs, a refund will be issued for the price difference. If, however, the new excursion is more expensive, the customer will have to pay for the price difference.

Training opportunities

If you are considering a career in the travel industry, you may be interested in the training opportunities with Jayway Travel. The company’s travel agent training program is run by industry professionals, and it aims to increase your productivity by providing a wide range of services for travel agents. The training includes master classes, online modules, and consulting services. Costs for individual courses range from $95 to $1,500, but you can also take advantage of a free trial course.