iPhone vs. Android: How to choose the best smartphone for you


The first option can be the most challenging when purchasing the best smartphone, Android versus iPhone. Despite their similarities, iPhones and Android phones are vastly different. Both smartphones running Android and iPhones running iOS have advantages and disadvantages. Complicating matters further is that comparing operating systems on their own does not reveal much.

The debate over which operating system is superior to Android or iPhone never ends. So even though there probably won’t be a real winner, our team at MerrJep.com will do our best to help you pick your own.

Apple products “just work,” according to many. The iOS user interface is indeed simple to use. But the Android user interface is also. So, to be honest, if you can use one, you won’t have any trouble using the other.

Ease of use

Yes, when the iPhone first debuted, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian phones were in direct competition with it. However, the iPhone outperformed them. The time was then. Now is the time. All phone interfaces are now better and simpler to use than they were in the past. To me, control is the primary distinction. Compared to Apple phones, Android phones give you much more control over your phone and its applications. I prefer control. This is your home screen if you are satisfied with what Apple provides. If you want to be unique, add a photo. That’s great, but I like having complete control over how my phone looks. I can do that with my Android phone.


The iPhone and Android’s hardware is where the differences first become apparent. Because Apple is the only company that makes iPhones, it has extremely tight control over how the software and hardware interact. Google, on the other hand, sells Android software to a lot of phone manufacturers, like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. As a result, Android phones come in a wide range of sizes, weights, features, and quality.

Android phones that cost more are about as good as iPhones, but cheap Android phones are more likely to have issues. Although iPhones may also have hardware issues, their overall quality is higher.

When purchasing an iPhone, you must select a model. You must select both a brand and a model because many companies produce Android devices. Android may be preferred by some, but Apple is praised for its greater simplicity and quality by others.


When it comes to security, it’s not so much that Android has issues as Google allows more applications into its app store than Apple does. Using only apps from the Google Play store is the best way to prevent malware from infecting your Android device. However, malware is found in 0.16 percent of all apps, according to Google.

However, if you use an iPhone, don’t get too proud. There is iPhone malware out there only trusting that an arrogant client will download it.

In general, iPhones are more secure by design. assuming you believe you can rely on Apple to protect your privacy. Apple isn’t trusted by everyone, but Google gets a lot of criticism for not being trustworthy with personal data. For instance, Apple recently acknowledged that Siri conversations were occasionally recorded in iOS 15.

AI and voice assistants

When it comes to Siri versus Google Assistant, there is no doubt who will triumph: By a long shot, Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is more than just a great voice search interface. Google Assistant has the potential to simplify your life if you use Google applications like Google Calendar and Google Maps. Let’s say you’re meeting someone downtown for lunch and the traffic is terrible. Google Assistant will determine that you need to leave early to get to your appointment and will let you know in advance. That is awesome.

Although Siri was introduced first, it is still quite basic. It does a good job of answering questions, but it isn’t much of an artificially intelligent assistant.

However, Google Assistant is not the apparent reason to choose one operating system over another. Because it also works with iPhones.

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Battery life consistent improvement

In the beginning, iPhones required daily battery recharging. Although new operating system versions typically reduce battery life until they are optimized in subsequent releases, more recent models can go days without being charged. Fortunately, there are ways to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

With Android, the battery situation is more complicated because of the many different hardware options. Some Android models have screens that are 7 inches and other features that use up a lot more battery power. There are also ways to improve Android’s battery life.

However, due to the wide range of Android models, some offer highly high-capacity batteries. As a result, Android can provide a device that works much longer on a single charge than an iPhone if you are willing to put up with the extra weight and need a long-lasting battery.


It’s not as simple as adding up the winners above and choosing the phone that won more categories to decide whether to buy an iPhone or an Android phone.

For some people, particular categories are more important. For example, the choice of hardware will be more important to some, while battery life or mobile gaming will be more important to others.

There are numerous good options available on both platforms. However, you’ll need to prioritize your priorities and select the phone that best suits your requirements.

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