India: Watch priest drink blood from goat's neck to honour Hindu god *GRAPHIC*

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M/S Kannupillai ingesting blood from the neck of a goat
C/U Kannupillai ingesting blood from the neck of a goat
W/S Devotees praying earlier than kannupillai the priest
C/U Kannupillai ingesting blood from the neck of a goat
M/S Goat’s throat being slit open
M/S Devotees reducing goat
C/U Lifeless goat
SOT, Kannupillai, priest (in Hindi): “One can’t merely drink blood. Solely with the grace of God and provided that God Priyasamy comes into my physique and thoughts, can I drink blood. It’s the God and never me who drinks the blood. Folks provide these goats to the God.”
M/S Devotees praying to god
W/S Kannupillai talking to devotees
M/S Kannupillai talking to devotees
C/U Kannupillai talking to devotees
M/S Band taking part in devices
C/U Conventional instrument
M/S Goat skinned
C/U Goat skinned
M/S Goat meat being ready
M/S Horse which God used for travelling
C/U God Periyasamy on a banner
M/S Goats
M/S Masi Periyasamy temple
W/S Masi Periyasamy temple


Dozens of individuals descended on the Masi Periayasamy temple within the foothills of Tamilnadu for the ‘Kuttikudi competition’ to pay their respects to the god Periaysamy, Thursday.

The priest Kannupillai started the competition within the conventional method, ingesting blood from the neck of goats that have been sacrificed in honor of Periaysamy. The devotees consider that the god comes into the thoughts and physique of the priest and thus the blood that Kannupillai drinks can be drunk by the god.

After the ritual Kannupillai sat on the shoulders of the devotees and foretold the way forward for his followers.

The occasion is carried out as soon as each two years and attracts folks from throughout India.

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