Image to Text Converter


If you need to convert an image to text, then it’s best to use an application that can do this quickly and quickly. There are several options, including Wondershare PDFelement, OnlineOCR, and Prepostseo Image to Text Converter.

Prepostseo Image to Text Converter

Prepostseo is a platform that allows people to convert images into text. It works by using OCR technology. The process is simple and efficient. A user can upload a photo, and then the software will automatically extract the text and save it in the desired format.

Prepostseo also provides a free online tool for text extraction. This app has a clean user interface that is easy to navigate. Users can also collaborate and share data with other people. Moreover, it supports a wide variety of formats.

There are various types of image-to-text converters available. Some of them are Abbyy Reader, Omni Page Ultimate, SmallSeoTools, and Rossum. Each one of them is useful for different purposes.

When choosing an image-to-text converter, it is essential to consider its features. For instance, some of them are not only free, but they also provide unlimited usage. Others are paid and offer more advanced features.

One of the most popular image-to-text converters is Prepostseo. It is a free online tool that provides accurate results. Besides that, it also offers an attractive user interface.

Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful image-to-text converter. It uses OCR technology to convert your scanned documents to editable text. You can use it to highlight, add comments and sign your PDF files.

Wondershare has a good selection of features, and it comes at a reasonable price. Some of its more impressive features, however, require a subscription. Thankfully, the company has a free trial available for download, which is a great way to try out the app.

Using PDFelement to create a PDF file is a breeze. All you need is a PDF file, to begin with. The app can then extract data from your PDF and organize it into a more manageable format.

Wondershare’s PDFelement also allows you to convert PDFs to other formats. This will enable you to export your files to different popular types, like Microsoft Word and HTML. In addition, with the PDFelement, you can change the file’s font, color, and size and customize the document’s page layout.


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology helps in converting images into texts. Text can be extracted from photos, scanned documents, PDF files, and more. A good idea to text converter can save you from the hassle of manually typing out the information.

Image-to-text converter tools can be found on various websites. They can convert a photo to text, or even a scanned document into a Word file, Excel document, or PDF.

There are several advantages to using this type of conversion method. In addition to being convenient, it makes data processing more straightforward and more efficient. This type of technology can streamline businesses furthermore, by enabling users to extract text from images.

OnlineOCR is one such application that provides the OCR. This free app enables users to convert scanned images into text. Among other features, it allows users to select the language, the output file format, and the text type.

It has a simple UI and UX. But it may not work well for handwritten texts.

English OCR

Optical character recognition is a method of converting images into text. It can be used to convert text from low-resolution pictures or to read books that are not printed. The main goal is to recognize and interpret the characters in an image. This is achieved by using the latest technology available.

Optical character recognition is a handy tool for converting images to editable text. The text that is extracted can be edited using a word processing program. For example, you can search, copy, and paste quotes into a text document.

An OCR application can be installed on a desktop or mobile phone. There are free versions as well as paid versions. Generally, a free OCR converter will support JPG to text, WEBP to text, SVG to text, and BMP to text.

CamScanner is a robust and reliable image-to-text converter. It is also available as a free download on the App Store. However, the premium version requires a subscription. You can pay for the Pro version, which allows you to scan more images per batch.