Ideas for personalized elements in your home


The design of your home is an intimate detail that expresses your personality and interests best. Many people often hire a designer and choose amongst the strategies presented to them. However, a more personalized approach to designing and decorating can make the house unique and a more comfortable sanctuary. Here are some ideas for making the house burst with positivity.

Flowers and vases

Flowers can add so much color and fragrance to a room. But, of course, taking care of real flowers is challenging, and maintaining them while ensuring they last a while can be time-consuming. If you like the impact flowers have on a room and don’t want the hassle of keeping them, artificial flowers are a great way to go. The added advantage of these flowers is that they can be placed inside the house without worrying about sunlight exposure or trimming.

Quotes and hangings on walls

Many people like to frame various famous quotes from authors and celebrated personalities. Turn this to your advantage and hang up quotes you or any residents have said. These can be funny, quirky, wise, or simply well-known facts. However, it is a great idea to pepper these around the house and make the presence of all house members known. If you are an artist or a poet, you can frame the paintings and the poems and put them up around the house. If you are a software designer, it can be difficult to decide what to put on the wall. Here is an idea, put up a small code or any other work you do in a frame! An excel sheet will do too. This quirky idea is a great conversation started for when people come over.

Corner of gifts

We often receive gifts occasionally, and we do not know what to do with them. They do not fit in your home and may not suit your taste. This is especially true for showpieces. The corner of gifts can be a permanent feature in your home that can showcase all the skills that you have received. Given the theme of the corner, the flow or the overall look should matter less as it is understood the items will be of various combinations.

Entertainment room

This room is perfect for literally the purpose mentioned. When you are expecting company or hosting a game night, this room will be the ultimate comfortable place to enjoy the evening. The entertainment room can have a TV, a plush sofa, a couple of artificial plants, and any other element you think will make you the ultimate host. This includes a rug, some floor cushions, and maybe a shelf with all the board games you can think of. The entertainment room is the one room in the house that is meant for people to enjoy together, so the seating should be plenty, and a couple of tables to hold snacks and drinks are also a good idea. If you are looking for the complete package, then a minibar to store drinks and a cabinet to store glassware cannot hurt either.

The small touches that you give to your home make it the lovely place it is. Your private business should be comfortable for you and your family. If you choose to include personalized design elements in your home, you are remembering the good memories you already had with your family and making way for new ones.

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