How you can Prolong the Life of Your Solid wood Gates


A set of wooden gateways has to stand straight along with valid through all weather conditions, from the depths of winter months freeze to summer conditions where you could fry an egg about its surface.

They are supposed to withstand being hit by simply footballs, smashed together by winds, and various other stresses.

They are left using little or no protection during this time. Once they finally give up along with collapse, the planks and often the manufacturer is always blamed. In contrast, the unpleasant truth is that the owner has used inadequate or poor protection.

Therefore this post will go through the various joint surface finishes that are available to the unsuspecting general public, and it will try and answer the next: –

Suitability of the complete wooden gates

Easy application

Advantages and disadvantages of each complete.

Some basic information

The timber consists of fibers and looks like a package of straws; these fibers absorb moisture.

When the dampness content of the timber goes up above 20%, this is sufficient to enable the timber to decay, hence the entrance rot.

The tree has bark to protect it, and numerous commercially available products are available on the market to try and replicate this safety.

However, not all applications provide equal protection, and their unadvised use on wooden entrances can have detrimental effects and often ruin an excellent group of gates, so beware!

Surface finishes of wooden gates could be split into two sections: —

Surface Coatings

Oil Based films

Surface coatings form a coating around the timber and seal it from the weather, a bit like a wrapper on a sweet.

Oil-based films are pretty much as the title implies. They are oil-based, absorbed by the timber, and don’t lie on the surface.

Below is a list of the most common surface films employed on timber

Essential oil Base Paint

Water foundation

Fence Paint


Tiny Porous

Oil-based finishes tend to be: –

Danish Oil

Teak wood Oil,

Tung nut essential oil

Linseed oil.

There are other people, but these are the common types.

The following articles will go by way of each of the finishes outlined earlier mentioned and their effectiveness in the security of wooden gates.


This is a long tried and trusted method of preserving planks from the elements, and done accurately will seal the gateways from the worst of the weather condition.

However, it needs to be correctly employed and make sure it is applied underneath the timber gates, to make sure it gets well enclosed together with any flat plan surfaces that will hold normal water.

Having done a beautiful task on the gates, there is something that you can now be aware of.

Unlike your own chocolate sweet, your plank gates will increase and contract with the weather condition, which means that your coloring will have to do the same.

Even so, the downside is that after being subject to the sun’s effects, the paint typically begins to lose its elasticity and then begins to fracture. Yes, you’ve got it; it gets the lousy weather, nestles gently correct behind the paint, and will start the decay process.

The only way to prevent this is to recoat the actual gate with more paint. When? From experience, it could be much less every two years, depending on the color’s quality and how well you applied it.

Another point that people often neglect is color.

A dark-painted gate will obtain hotter in the summer than a white one and can expand and therefore move much more and cause more splits in the paint.

Consequently, to sum up, the oil foundation paint is a good protector associated with timber but needs interest, and failure to do so can lead to a much-shortened life of the gates.


Even though an advocate of drinking water-based finishes, the color just does not seem to supply the waterproof coating that the essential oil base does, and consequently does not provide the necessary safety.


Fence paint is perfect for what it says; it is usually water-based and intended for rough-sawn timber, which is what most gates are not made of. It comes in sizeable plastic-type material buckets in a variety of colors.

All in all, it does not work on smoothly designed timber, which is what is employed in all quality wooden gateways.

Do not use it; it will not job.

Not much else to say for this one.


Looks very lovely any time first done but gets the same drawbacks as the oil-based paint.

The only advantage I can see with varnish around oil-based paint is that you can see when the water has got right behind the varnish as it can turn milky white.


These come in numerous various trade names and have been successful.

They appear to allow the actual escape of moisture through the timber but are impervious to water trying to get in.

Fantastic, you might say; no water within means no rot!

Simple to apply in various colors allows slap it on actual quick.

But just before you receive the brush out, a trick in the tail originates from the other end of the “too wet it rots scale.” It is the “it dries out and about, shrinks and twists problem.”

By taking out the moisture outside the timber, it dries, resulting in the “dry branch” effect.

The planks become weak, and as typically the timber fibers dry, they will twist and tighten, which in turn causes the timber to dissolve and often twist and warp.

Not Pretty.

I do not like wooden entrances; windows may be fine, but I have seen the consequences so often that I would give it an extensive berth for wood-made gates.

The down noise of recoating and extension explained in oil-based is still applies.


As mentioned previously, these are oil-based and are ingested by wood fibers and, consequently, do not lie on the surface.

This kind of finish group includes several advantages over floor coatings.

1 . Easy to employ

2 . Easy to recoat

three or more. No surface cracking as the finish is absorbed into your timber.

4. Timber is allowed to breathe and is stored supply.

This is a crucial portion and will be left as a document in its own right.

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