How to prepare for moving?


Moving is a very stressful and emotional process to go through especially if you are moving to another city or state. You’re leaving behind all the things you’ve accumulated throughout your life and moving to a different place with different people.

If you’re planning to move to a new city, you should start looking for a place to live at least six months in advance and do a lot of research on the area.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal relocation location, proper preparation is the best way to make the move easier and less stressful. You need to pack all your belongings and make sure you are organized and prepared for the move.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for your move so that everything goes according to plan.

1. Create a to-do list before starting the moving process

This is the first thing you need to do. Buy a notebook or open a document on the computer and write down the essential things that you must have with you in your new home. This way you will have everything in front of you and you will have enough time to organize the move.

Second, organize important personal documents (e.g. passport, ID card, and other documents) in one place for easy access on your computer.

2. Decide what you will use to pack your things

Moving household items may seem easy, but sometimes it is not. If you want to transport your belongings in an orderly manner and without damage, then proper packing is the main thing to consider in such cases.

Whether you have to transport light or heavy items, you should choose whether to use paper, plastic or bag boxes for safe transportation. If you have to transport household accessories or containers, we recommend using paper or plastic boxes. Meanwhile, for the transport of clothes and less sensitive things, you can use bags.

3. Assess the condition of the things you keep at home

It is important to be prepared when moving so that you can focus on successfully completing the process in question. Not everything you had in your previous home should be taken with you!

Before you begin the process of moving all your things, you need to decide what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. This includes assessing the condition of each item and whether it is worth keeping in your new home.

While checking your items, you may find things that you no longer need, be it furniture, accessories, paintings, flowers, or other similar things. Instead of throwing them away, you can post ads on and sell them at bargain prices.

4. Carefully pack fragile items

During the packing process, you will notice that some items are more difficult to pack than others. But how should you act in such cases? Fragile items should be packed carefully so that they arrive at your new home undamaged.

These are the steps to follow for packing some sensitive things:


Since most televisions are of larger dimensions, carrying them can be difficult. If you kept the original box of the TV after the purchase, then you will not have any more problems. This is because one of the safest ways to pack the TV is by packing it in the original box.

If you don’t have the original box, then you can go back to the days when we moved TVs wrapped in a sheet or a thick blanket and use this same method of transporting the TV.


Lamps, lampshades, llustera and other light fixtures are best transported sealed in a box. Wrap them in paper or a towel so they don’t touch each other or get scratched during shipping.


Ornaments or zbukurime per sallon including piktura can be transported wrapped in silk napkins or appropriate bags. Make sure that during packing they are not wrapped around each other as it will be very difficult to untie them.

5. Reserve a box for small things

We are all used to organizing small things in one place so that when we look for them, we have them all in one place. This also applies during relocation.

In this box, you can put remote controls, shelf holders, simple work tools, and other small things. This will save you time and make it easier to find things of these dimensions since you will know that you have put them all in one box.

6. Organize the boxes

The organization of boxes plays a key role in the shipping process. Remember that the first box placed on the truck will be the last box removed from the truck. A poorly thought-out arrangement can cause the box that has the TV or other fragile things inside to remain under a heavier box and this will cause your belongings to be damaged during transport.

So organize your box sorting by room, if you can. Label bedrooms by color or number. This step helps the movers identify the right rooms for each of your boxes.

7. Reserve a truck for transportation

Once you’ve packed all your things carefully, there’s nothing left to do but transport them to your new home. Browse the websites and search for a shipping company that will be available to transport your belongings.

You can also search on for transportation services and find the transportation truck that will suit your needs and requirements at very affordable prices.

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