How to Make a Video Collage from Your Photos in 2022


Pictures are like painting a thousand words. Isn’t it? 

Imagine how effective video collages are; they can help narrate stories and diligently convey your message. One can also add music to the video collage, which helps connect to the emotions and memories of the users, unlike anything else. 

While making a video collage, you need to consider adding in some good music to leave an incredible impact on your audience. These days, people make video collages from their photos to compile their memories, create a birthday greeting, or create a delightful story that you want to post to any social media platform.

But, the question is how to turn your photos into an elegant video collage? Many people think that it is a complex process and involves a lot of effort, but the truth is with amazing online video collage makers, you will be able to do it without any hassle. 

How to make a video collage from your photos?

You can create a customized video collage in minutes for yourself or your loved ones and send them to make them feel special. Once you make it, upload it only to your social media accounts to get likes and comments.

Here are the simple steps of making a video collage-

Step 1- Choose a video collage maker.

You first need to select a collage maker; full of advanced features, budget-friendly, and reliable. There are both free and premium online collage makers available; you can choose any that fulfills your purpose. Once selected, sign up and create your account on the selected platform. 

Step 2- Choose the video collage template.

Select a template based on the type of college you are making. For example, a professional collage template will differ from a personal one. Choose the layout you like the most, and the best part is that you can customize and personalize as per your taste. 

Step 3- Choose a layout.

Check out the layouts that you can use in your video and select your preference. Usually, in these layouts, you will be able to mix various images in a single frame or can add a small video clip if you want. Select the one you prefer, and the collage layout will be added to your project. Try not to change the form in the middle of the project, as you might have to adjust your collages slightly.

Step 4- Add photos and video clips.

Once you have selected the theme, the next step is to add photos. Before that, you would have to access the video collage tool to use pictures from your phone. Once you grant access to the software, it will allow you to select images from your phone’s gallery and add more photos.

Numerous collage makers offer you drag and drop features for images making the entire process straightforward.

Step 5- Edit your video collage.

You would want to adjust the way pictures look in your collage. You need to select the image you wish to change for doing so. There would be a scale slider, a trash icon, and a rotate icon. With the help of these features, you would be able to reduce or increase the size of your image, move the image wherever you want to fix it, or locate it in the trash if you do not find it apt.

You can also change the layout if you want, even in the middle of editing, but you would have to make several changes and adjust the images accordingly.

Step 6- Personalize

You can use the customization feature to make the videos your own, giving them a personal touch. You can change the colours, text, background, music, and much more to get a perfect look and breathtaking feel. This gives you a sense of contentment as you do everything you like and how you want it to look.

Step 7- Share

This is what you were waiting to do, isn’t it? With the help of an online video collage maker, you will be able to share your collage through an email, message, social media platform, or anywhere you want. If you wish, you can get the college’s print as well and get it framed. 

These were the simple steps of creating a video collage from photos, following them and getting the remarkable result.

Qualities Of A Perfect Video Collage

Creating a collage is different than just uploading pictures but making it look the best is something each one of you want, so here are the ways to give it a perfect look-

a) Choose pictures that relate- To make an eye-catchy video collage, it is important to choose a set of photos that convey your message well, in the same tone you want it to be delivered. Before starting the project, keep a pattern in mind to choose the pictures accordingly. 

For example, if you create a collage for your husband on your 5th anniversary, you can choose a layout with five pictures and post one photo from each year. This would convey a cute message and depict a pattern of beautiful memories.

b) Customisation- Picking photos of similar colour schemes and having the same texture or feel is recommended. Plus, always choose pictures that are associated with the topic or theme. 

c) Add text to your collage- If you include text with video collage, it gives a better understanding of the story you want to convey. Put the text in the center to make keywords focus on your collage, and use a bigger font so that nobody misses to read your text. 

d) Use negative space in video collage- You must be wondering what negative space is, the space around the main area of your picture. This would give all your images some space to stand out, make the visibility clear, and allow the viewers to relate each image with one another.


Use these pro tips and methods to create a video collage in a couple of minutes and make it look more elegant than ever before. 

So, choose software today and start creating beautiful video collages for your business or personal use. 

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