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Hindus provide a puja, or worship, ceremony each day within the house, usually early within the morning. There’s no set program to comply with, and rites may be as easy or elaborate as you’d like.

Step 1: Keep away from consuming an hour earlier than puja
Keep away from consuming meals for at the least an hour earlier than the puja.

Step 2: Put together gadgets
Put together gadgets for the puja, which might range relying on the deities worshipped and particular person alternative. These can embody sacred water or milk; raw rice blended with turmeric; recent stem-less blooms or free flower petals; and sacraments of 1’s custom resembling crimson powder, sandalwood paste, or holy ash.

Step 3: Place gadgets in pots & on tray
Place the gadgets you’re utilizing within the small bronze or silver pots, after which place the pots on the big steel tray.

Step 4: Bathe & placed on clear garments
Bathe and placed on clear garments earlier than coming into the shrine to keep up the area’s sanctity.

Throughout their menstrual cycles, girls typically don’t partake in a puja.

Step 5: Enter shrine with household
Enter the shrine with your loved ones.

The holiest time for puja is taken into account to be simply earlier than dawn.

Step 6: Mild lamps with ghee
Use ghee to gentle the standing and smaller lamps. The standing one normally stays on all day.

Step 7: Mild incense
Mild incense with a burner or matchstick.

Step 8: Specific devotion to murti
Specific your devotion to the murti of your chosen deity or deities. The photographs permit direct communication between members and the deities.

Hindus don’t worship the murti themselves; they worship God, who’s current within the photographs.

Step 9: Bathe murti
Place the murti in a deep tray and bathe them with sacred water or milk.

Sacred water and milk may be present in shops specializing in Hindu worship gadgets.

Step 10: Take away tray
Take away the tray used to catch the sacred water or milk.

Step 11: Dry & gown murti
Dry the murti and gown them in colourful clothes.

Step 12: Recite prayers & passages
Recite prayers and passages from scriptures such because the Vedas.

Step 13: Smear powder, paste, or ash
If you’re utilizing them, smear powder, paste, or ash on the murti. The puja chief may also smear these on devotees’ foreheads as blessings.

Step 14: Make different choices
Make different choices, resembling rice, fruit, or flowers. Distribute meals and flowers to devotees.

Step 15: Play a music
Play a music for the deities. This might be a well-liked recording of a hymn, referred to as bhajan, or a member of the family can sing. All of it depends upon the kind of puja.

Step 16: Finish with aarti
Finish the puja with aarti. Wave the lamps or a tray of lamps in entrance of the murti in a round, clockwise movement to symbolize the cyclical nature of creation. Aarti is usually accompanied by the ringing of bells.

Did You Know?
Throughout a ‘automobile puja,’ new wheels are blessed.


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