How to Extend the Battery Life on Your Nokia 216 Whatsapp


The Nokia 216 is a dual-SIM mobile phone that features whatsapp and wireless radio. This phone is available at several online stores and in many cities across India. It also comes with multiple EMI options. It’s perfect for businessmen and students who want a simple, yet powerful phone for their communication needs.

Dark mode

If you’re looking to extend the battery life on your Nokia 216 Whatsapp, it might be time to enable the dark mode. The dark mode allows for reduced glare and makes the app easier to read in low-light conditions. The latest versions of WhatsApp have support for dark mode. The new feature is available for iOS and Android users.

To enable the dark mode, go to Settings and then tap on “Change theme.” If you’re using an iOS device, choose “Theme” as the “Theme” option. This will change the color scheme of WhatsApp to black on the background and grey or blue text. Not only does this make the app easier to read in low light conditions, but it also uses less power.

Speed dial

Speed dial for Nokia 216 Whatsapp is an extremely useful feature that allows you to call contacts directly and easily. The speed dial grid is attractive and can be easily customized to include the names of your most frequently called contacts. The phone also allows you to send messages and calls directly to these contacts. It supports FaceTime Audio, so you can enjoy FaceTime calling without having to use the internet.

The Nokia 216 is a feature phone that combines great entertainment with modern online experiences. The device’s large 2.4-inch screen is perfect for web browsing, playing videos, and gaming. Its Opera Mini Browser and Opera Mobile Store make it possible to download a range of popular applications. You can also share important moments with Facebook and download one free Gameloft game each month.

Speed dialing in group chats

The speed dial bug is affecting a lot of Nokia 216 Whatsapp users. The phone’s speed dial keys are automatically assigned to contacts from the SIM card. In order to fix this, you can reassign the keys to the contacts you want. Alternatively, you can go to the Phone book settings and change the speed dial number.

The speed dial page supports USSD and MMI codes. You can make unlimited numbers in a Speed Dial group, and you can send group emails and messages to the group. You can also call people directly from the Speed Dial widget.

Dark mode in group chats

The Nokia 216 Whatsapp group chats feature can be set to “dark mode” if you wish. This change changes the background color to black. Not only does this look cool, but it also saves battery life. The dark mode can be enabled from the Settings menu. Simply tap the switch next to the “Dark Theme” inscription to activate this new feature.

Users who use Android or iOS can also enable dark mode. To enable dark mode on your mobile, go to Settings > General > Display & Brightness. From the pop-up menu, tap on Dark. If you’re on iOS, you can also enable the dark mode from the Control Center. The feature is rolling out slowly, so you should check your phone’s software version before trying it out.

WhatsApp for Nokia phones

Whatsapp for Nokia 216 is an instant messaging application for Nokia devices that supports video calling and picture sharing. It also allows you to receive and send messages from other Whatsapp users. You don’t need to be a premium Whatsapp user to use this application. Just download the application and connect your phone to the internet. Then add your contacts and select the “Video call” button.

First, you must know if your Nokia phone supports Whatsapp. If it does, download the latest version available from the market. Next, insert the name of the file into the Whatsapp application by tapping it on the device. Once you’ve done that, follow the instructions on the screen.