How to Download YouTube Audio


YouTube provides an expansive library of videos, but some content, such as music or podcasts, doesn’t require visuals while streaming video uses up valuable device and data resources.

Downloading YouTube audio will save time and data for this reason alone. There may also be tax benefits.

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Downloading videos and audio is legal; however, any downloaded material mustn’t violate copyright laws – this includes music tracks used in YouTube videos and sound effects and other audio tracks used.

Video creators should remember that YouTube does not permit the unauthorized use of copyrighted music without the owner’s consent, nor is it permissible to use royalty-free songs from YouTube Free Audio Library without attributing their artist(s). Although such pieces can be used without issue for production purposes, they must still be credited appropriately by including them in your video description.

Another option is purchasing a music subscription service like Spotify or YouTube Music Premium that enables you to download songs for offline listening with access to copyright-free music. Alternatively, numerous apps can help you do this – some even for free from the iTunes Store!

Some programs enable the legal downloading of videos and audio from YouTube onto your computer or mobile device, known for converting videos into file formats that can be easily downloaded for free. Most platforms support these easy-to-use rippers, such as VLC, Free YouTube Downloader, and Xtube; VLC is one such famous example.

Downloading audio from YouTube is both straightforward and legal – no matter whether you’re an amateur video creator looking for music and sound effects or simply seeking some relaxing background noise. Though its legality depends on which kind of audio file is being downloaded, most often, downloading YouTube audio won’t violate any laws.


Streaming audio and video can quickly consume your data allowance when on a limited plan, but downloading an audio file takes up much less space and allows you to use it across various devices – perfect if you’re traveling or don’t have reliable internet connectivity!

An audio library like YouTube can reduce costs for your video project and make it more professional sounding. This is because high-end sound recording equipment and skills required to create original music or effects can be expensive; additionally, hiring a Foley artist could prove costly for smaller productions.

YouTube Audio Library tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons license and may be freely used if they follow specific rules. This ensures you can monetize your videos without worrying about being subject to copyright strikes later.

Your Audio Library can be accessed directly through YouTube and allows you to search for specific tracks to find one suitable for your video. Once found, play it to hear how it sounds before downloading it if it seems ideal. Once complete, it will appear in your Audio Library, ready for use – plus, if you want to return later to a particular track, you can also “star” it or add it as one of your favorites!

YouTube Audio Library also offers you a wealth of options spanning various genres and instruments – perfect if you need help choosing what style of music or sound effects will go best with your video project!

As well as the Audio Library, there are other online tools you can use to download YouTube audio – free programs such as 4K Video Downloader or websites such as Dirty or Motionbox can all help you download YouTube audio. However, remember that any attempt at copyrighted material could potentially lead to legal disputes between parties involved in its distribution.


Whether you’re an experienced YouTube content creator looking for music and sound effects for your videos or want a track or two to listen to offline at leisure, YouTube Audio Library provides an incredible resource. However, it is essential to understand its usage in terms of its capabilities and limitations for project use.

The YouTube Audio Library provides users with free music and sound effects for use in their videos, created in-house by YouTube employees or external artists, licensed under various Creative Commons licenses (which require artist credit) that allow multiple benefits but remain within its terms. To stay eligible, follow YouTube’s rules regarding your service.

Your video description must include full attribution text for any track that has been removed or altered; furthermore, any use for commercial purposes or sale must also be prohibited. Credit should also be given to the artist in your end credits as any changes made must first receive permission from them concerning tempo/fundamental changes and musical elements like change being granted with their agreement before proceeding further. Lastly, provide links directly to their websites and purchase their track (if available for sale).

Always remember that YouTube re-encodes audio in videos when converting them for streaming, potentially creating peaks higher than your master fader’s peak levels and distorting audio playback when played back. To mitigate this risk, it’s recommended that you leave 1dB-2dB of headroom in your master fader settings.

VidToMp3, an online audio ripping tool available through browsers, provides the easiest way to rip audio from YouTube. These tools do not require installation and are straightforward; just input a video link and press “Start.” Alternatively, download apps like y2mate that convert videos directly into MP3 files – however, be wary of downloaders that contain pop-up advertisements or viruses, as these could compromise their integrity.


No matter what your creative endeavor may require or whether you wish to download guided meditation tracks to play on the go, YouTube audio converters provide quick, hassle-free downloads with high-quality output. From online websites to desktop software apps, these options allow for the perfect fit that suits your unique needs and budget.

ClipGrab, one of the top YouTube audio converters for PC and Mac platforms, provides an accessible user interface suitable for all skill levels. Support for multiple file formats (MP3, Webm) and simultaneously downloading playlists or videos make this tool an excellent solution for creators working across devices.

Another excellent choice for downloading YouTube audio is YTD, a cross-platform software app free from its developer’s website that doesn’t require installation. Users can convert video files into different formats and rip DVDs or other media discs using this program, but be aware that YTD contains ads and may not work with specific devices.

To quickly convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, YTMp3 provides an efficient web service that makes this possible. Users copy and paste the URL of the video they’d like to download before selecting a format and quality option – plus, they get a link that leads straight back to you! Once complete, users can save their output file onto their computer or phone.

Another popular resource for downloading YouTube videos is YTD, an Android app available through Google Play store that is easily installed onto any device. Once installed, this tool allows users to search YouTube videos before selecting which ones they would like saved as an MP3 file – once this download completes, it can be stored directly onto their Android device or shared with others.