How to Decorate Around a Fireplace


Every fireplace brings warmth and coziness into any room when appropriately decorated. Check out to know more

Have a wood-burning or stone fireplace; you can breathe new life into it in various ways with design ideas for enhancing its appearance. Get inspiration from these fireplace design ideas for your own space!

1. Paint it Black

Black paint makes the fireplace the centerpiece of any room, drawing attention away from lighter walls while covering imperfections and giving the appearance of remodeling – especially beautiful when combined with wood mantles.

White paint creates an airy and relaxing space, making it suitable for many furniture and decor styles. White is also often chosen to paint fireplace surrounds and mantels since its reflective properties help amplify light.

Green brick fireplaces make an excellent focal point in any room and add an element of nature into the space, helping create an ambiance conducive to relaxation after an exhausting day. This soothing hue provides the ideal setting to unwind after work hours.

To ensure the perfect paint job, preparing the surface with high-quality primer is crucial. Doing this will help prevent soot from forming on your new coat of color, giving it its best chance at lasting for years ahead. Stain-blocking oil-based primers such as Fresh Start High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046) or INSL-X Aqua Lock(r) give your new color every chance at lasting.

2. Add a Mirror

Mirrors can add depth and dimension to your fireplace mantel while reflecting other decorative items, like candles, colorful flowers, or figurines.

When choosing a mirror to hang above your fireplace, remember proportion when selecting it. Also, consider how the frame’s shape helps create balance in your space.

Select a rectangular style for a timeless appeal that complements any decor scheme while opting for circular frames if you wish to introduce soft curves that contrast with the straight lines of furniture.

Before hanging a mirror above the fireplace, you must have the appropriate hardware to attach it securely. Your chosen hanger may depend on whether you have drywall or brick walls.

3. Add a Chandelier

A fireplace can make for a great focal point in any room. In addition, you can use its surface as an opportunity to display beautiful artwork, vases, and other decor that reflect your design aesthetic.

Adding a chandelier can give your fireplace that special touch, but it is essential to consider several things before choosing one for your space.

First, determine how high you would like the chandelier to hang. For instance, if it hangs over a dining table, its lowest point should be 36 inches above it so that diners seated across from one another can still see it when sitting down.

Hang a chandelier above a sofa as long as its lowest point is centered over it and allows enough clearance for a person to pass underneath without bumping their head.

4. Add a Pin-Up Board

Pin-up boards may not be top of mind when designing your fireplace, but they’re an enjoyable and engaging way to add extra charm. Furthermore, pin-up boards make an exciting way to display all of the photos and mementos that matter excitingly and interactively.

To create a pin-up board, you will require black trifold poster board and a roll of cork, both available at most craft and art supply stores for approximately $15 each.

Installing a pin-up board to your fireplace is an incredibly straightforward project that can be accomplished in a fraction of the time it would take to assemble an identical wall-mounted panel. The most crucial element of this process is measuring your fireplace’s width and height to determine how much poster board you require; additionally, consider measuring around its center before placing the board against any walls on which it could cause fire hazards. Finally, check with the landlord or fire department authorities regarding appropriate placement before continuing.

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