How to Clean Oven With Baking Soda and Vinegar


One of the most popular oven-cleaning tricks is baking soda, and vinegar works together in an acid-base reaction to loosen baked-on messes like grease. It’s a safe and effective way to keep your oven looking brand new.

You can use this oven-cleaning hack whenever you need to freshen up your cooking gear. And, unlike commercial cleaners, baking soda and vinegar won’t harm your appliance or leave you with a nasty smell in your kitchen.

Use a Spray Bottle

Using a spray bottle to clean your oven with baking soda is easy and effective. The two ingredients work together to create a foaming, vinegar-based solution that will leave your oven looking and smelling clean.

Natural cleaning expert Melissa Poepping says the combination of vinegar and baking soda also makes it safe around food. She says adding a few drops of essential oil, such as lemon or tangerine, can help add scent and lift burned-on food stains from your oven’s surface.

Start by filling your spray bottle with 50% water and 50% white vinegar. Spritz the inside of your oven and the racks with the cleaner.

Make a Paste

Make a paste of baking soda (bicarb) and water for a quick and natural oven cleaner. It can be spread over the interior surface of your oven and can even be used on the racks.

Mix seven tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with three tablespoons of water to create a paste. Add more water as needed to get the desired consistency.

Once the paste is ready, spray it onto all of the surfaces inside your oven, and leave it for an hour or two. Then wipe it off with warm, wet paper towels.

The chemical reaction between the vinegar and the baking soda will loosen leftover grime and help remove any stains or built-up baked-on grease. It will also help to remove any charred bits of food that may have accumulated in your oven.

Remove the Debris

Keeping your oven clean is essential to prevent germs and pollutants from spreading around the kitchen and causing respiratory problems. It also reduces the risk of fires caused by leftover grease.

Thankfully, a few easy ways to keep your oven clean don’t involve spending money on expensive cleaning products. For example, you can make a natural cleaning solution that is safe for your entire family.

To start, gather a few simple ingredients. Ideally, you’ll need baking soda, vinegar, water, a microfibre cloth, and a sponge.

Wipe it Down

Baking soda is a great natural alternative to harsh chemical cleaners. It breaks down grease, removes stuck-on food, and leaves your oven clean and smelling fresh.

Mix baking soda with vinegar in a spray bottle if you want a more powerful cleaning solution. That way, you can get into the hard-to-reach areas of your oven without using abrasive products!

Spread a thick layer of this paste over your oven and let it sit overnight. Then, wipe it down with a damp sponge or cloth. For stubborn stains, repeat this process until the range is as clean as possible.

Final Wipe

One of the most notoriously grimy kitchen appliances is the oven. From rogue french fries stuck in the rack to steak drippings forming a sludgy pool at the bottom, this appliance can turn into a culinary crime scene very quickly if left uncleaned.

Instead of harsh chemicals, try a natural cleaning solution with baking soda and vinegar. These items combine to create a chemical reaction that can penetrate deep into the oven and dissolve grease and food residues.