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How Can I Control My Mind – The actual reason for this document is to assist you in understanding the relationship between your Several Minds by explaining what exactly they are how they serve you and how to communicate with all three of them.

That came about as a result of my start using a Ho’o Pono Pono introspection and the realization that you are a lot more apt to use the meditation should you better understand how and exactly why it works as well as it does.

How Can I Control My Mind – Ho’o Pono Pono is a powerful, life-transforming meditation. Getting the many benefits from meditation helps to know how it works and exactly why. It works regardless of whether you entirely understand how and why or not; however, I believe it will be far more powerful and free to suit your needs if you can understand the how and why.

Understanding the how and why comes from learning your Three Minds to do the job; your Conscious, Unconscious, and Conscious Mind instructions are also sometimes referred to as your personal Three Selves; Lower Central and Higher Self.

How Can I Control My Mind – You must first understand that everything before is 100% your liability. This is sometimes difficult for some to comprehend, due in a substantial part to your pasts and your environment, in other words, just how society almost has you educated or brainwashed into convinced that you can cause another person to feel a certain way.

You must first know that you are responsible for your thoughts, all of them, and no one more can make you feel anything. You are determined to handle whatever you think, constantly, with no exceptions. I know, I am aware, this is not easy to accept for many people, but it is true as well, as the sooner you understand it, take it, and begin to practice that, the sooner you will be free from sense controlled by anyone else.

How Can I Control My Mind – Invest a moment and think about this. I believe you will quickly come to realize that it is accurate instructions you may not like; however, they can be actual. Okay, now that you recognize that you are responsible for everything that transpires in your life, I hate you.

Still, it is essential that you also understand and consider carefully what I am about to say. But not only are you responsible for everything that continues in your own life, but you also are furthermore 100% accountable for anything, and everything you hear/see/read about. But, if you are talking with a good friend and they tell you about something “bad” that happened to a person they know, now, you happen to be responsible for that also, whatever it is.

How Can I Control My Mind – So, it is not only difficult to comprehend being responsible for everything you do or even say yourself, but now it is tough to comprehend being responsible for something you knew nothing about 5 minutes ago, but now you know about it, you are responsible for this!

I know I know – it is not only hard to understand or understand; it is also, at the surface, hard to bear. How on earth could that be? To start with, it is not “on Earth,” it’s in the Spiritual or other than the conscious realm.

To help you understand this a great deal better, let’s take a look at our thoughts.

How Can I Control My Mind – For the sake of all of us “being on a single page,” I am going to ask that you follow along with me as I clarify how this works — and the cool part is the fact that once you understand this concept, you could then know how you can be responsible for something you had no interest within – or so you believed. And why and how Ho’o Pono Pono works along with it.

The Three Minds

Three minds are the Conscious, Subconscious, and Super-Conscious Minds. Also referred to as Body, Mind, and Nature; Body, Mind, and Heart; Body, Mind, and Emotional baggage; etc.

For the sake of this report, I will use the following:

Typically the Conscious Mind; is sometimes termed as the illusion of “I.”

The Unconscious Mind has many references to this as the Subconscious; for this article, they mean a similar.

The Super Conscious Head, also known as our Higher Self, applied.

How Can I Control My Mind – Your Conscious Mind is part of you that directs and controls your answer and reactions to external events. This is the part of a person that often wants to be “Right.” Suppose, for example, that you request someone for help with the task management you are working on. You have an excellent amicable discussion and industry ideas and suggestions and arrive at an agreed-upon result. When you are done, you feel entire and complete and in charge, in charge.

Now, let’s change which scenario and have the same discussion. However, your lover suggests ideas that you do not trust. They refuse to see issues the way you see them, so they cannot reach an agreement. You start to have sensations of frustration, and possibly anger starts to happen. You find yourself ‘getting worked up, ‘ you are not as calm as when you started.

How Can I Control My Mind – The sensible thoughts you would usually have within the previous circumstances are now damaged by conflicting feelings as well as ideas of revenge — you begin to take things becoming said personally, start to increase your voice, and perhaps actually throw up your arms within defeat – simply because your partner disagreed with you and you wanted to do.

How Can I Control My Mind – What exactly happened? Where did these kinds of feelings come from? They range from the Unconscious Mind. Once this kind of feeling occurs, your Conscious Mind starts transmitting thoughts to “Be cool,” don’t get upset; maintain your relaxation. Your Conscious Mind can tell you that you must be mature about it rather than possibly damaging the friendship and keep calm.

How Can I Control My Mind – Your actual reply to the situation will be dependent upon your height of training and practice regarding control. The Conscious Brain has over your Subconscious Mind, in other words, how you can control your emotions. Sometimes, this is very difficult due to the Subconscious Mind’s release of adrenaline and the “fight or flight” response.

What is the result in the above scenario? In the right circumstances, your Conscious Brain will realize what is happening, and you should not react to the bad feelings brought up by your Subconscious Mind; however, more often than not, the alternative will occur.

How Can I Control My Mind – You will probably express your dissatisfaction with the situation or person aiding you only to regret later taking the adverse reaction to the unpleasant incident. Often, after the incident and also “cooled down,” you ask yourself, “What happened? Why have I got so aggrieved? I wish I had not responded in such a negative way. micron

We are aware of our Informed Mind, and under some circumstances, we can perceive good in our Unconscious Mind. We realize the Conscious Mind offers us our inductive thought powers, our gift regarding speech and willpower.

How Can I Control My Mind – The particular mission of our Conscious Brain is to take care of the body, be effective or earn a living, make decisions and choices in life, and most notably, guide and counsel the Unconscious Mind in its course of evolution.

However, the Conscious Mind often has little or no memory; it can barely consider what you had for breakfast today and must often rely upon the Unconscious Mind to know how. The Unconscious Mind, conversely, remembers everything.

How Can I Control My Mind – It is a disk drive on your computer because it stores every part of the information given to it and possesses the ability to recall any storage at any time. The Unconscious Brain is the less evolved of the three brains; it has excellent memory skills and is the seat of all sensations, but cannot reason. Due to this, the Unconscious Mind ought to rely upon the Conscious Imagination.

It is essential to understand that the Other than conscious Mind also is very easily impressionable and highly susceptible to the recommendation – this is why the “Power of Suggestion” should not be used lightly. Interestingly enough, also this is the source of our psychic capabilities and where our ability to project or do spirit travel comes from. The Subconscious Mind is also the origin of our Intuition.

How Can I Control My Mind – Now then, everything being said – here I will discuss the critical component of the Subconscious Mind. It can produce mana energy – this is the Universal Life Force, also referred to as Chi, or Prana, or even in the case of Ho’o Pono Pono, Aka.

This energy originates from our environment; the food we try to eat, the vitamins we take, the air we breathe, etc. This kind of energy is not only necessary for the vital functions of the human body. It is also required by the Cognizant Mind to exercise their will and to perform reasons and thinking.

How Can I Control My Mind – The Other than Conscious Mind is where each of our Aka cords originates. All these cords of energy are estimated as thin threads on the psychic, invisible body and attach to other people, animals, or even things. These threads have the mana, the energy utilized by the Unconscious Mind to deliver information to or gather it from the external item.

How Can I Control My Mind – This information is then offered to the conscious Mind in emotions or intuitive ‘hunches.’ The natural Unconscious Mind is also the origin of our healing powers. All of us can heal; however, just a few understand and utilize which knowledge.

The Super Mindful Mind

How Can I Control My Mind – The Super Cognizant Mind is sometimes referred to as our Guardian Angel, the Higher-consciousness, or the Master within. Typically the Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas are referred to as the aumakua, which suggests “the utterly trustworthy parent spirit. ” The Excellent Conscious Mind has a particular form of thinking.

The Cognizant Mind uses reasoning along with inductive thinking, the Spontaneous Mind uses emotion, memory space, and feeling, the Extremely Conscious Mind uses a more effective form of thinking that includes thinking, feeling, and memory; essentially, the Super Conscious Thoughts is the link between the Conscious Thoughts and the Unconscious Mind.

How Can I Control My Mind – The actual Super Conscious Mind also has access to the Universal Expertise, sometimes known as the Akashic Records. The Akashic Documents, however, is another discussion. For the moment, think of the Akashic Documents as the Library of the Whole world – the place where all information regarding everything has been stashed since the beginning of time.

If and when you have a “Knowing,” this comes from the Excellent Conscious Mind and gets to us in a way that the thinking of the Conscious Mind will not comprehend as well as the emotion that this Unconscious Mind does not understand. When you get a “Knowing,” you can trust that it is for your improvement.

How Can I Control My Mind – All three Minds are always available at all times; however, you cannot commonly ‘hear’ the Super Informed Mind unless you often quiet the Conscious and Unconscious Intellects. Your Super Informed Mind is frequently accessed if you find yourself sleeping; you can also access it immediately after prayer if you remain calm and actually ‘listen’ for it.

Deep breathing is the most reliable way to enter your Super Conscious Brain; this is why it is so essential to master and practice meditation frequently. Most communication from the Very Conscious Mind comes to you as Intuition, a feeling, or perhaps a ‘hunch’.

How Can I Control My Mind – It is important to remember that the Super Conscious Mind is always that part of you whose assignment it is to guide you. Because of this, you have to learn to listen to what it is telling you. It gives you no-cost advice and will never help you wrong; if you solely know to listen to it. All over again, I strongly recommend that you study and practice meditation frequently.


How Can I Control My Mind – What is the key to pleasure? The key to happiness will be learning the structure of your respective minds and begin working together with them, all three of them. Using understanding and working with your current minds, you can rid yourself, or cleanse, all of your better chance of not having as many feelings and emotions.

How Can I Control My Mind – You can find increasing medical evidence that the reason is the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are kept ‘trapped’ within that is the cause for nearly all, if not all, of the essential chronic illnesses, both intellectual and physical.

These sensations result from past functions that you have ‘stuffed,’ which haven’t been dealt with at the time of occurrence. You retain them trapped in your Spontaneous Minds, where they carry and block large amounts involving mana energy. When you do not necessarily acknowledge them appropriately, something else happens that triggers these people.

How Can I Control My Mind – They attempt to come out at one time. This is why often when a thing angers you, and you have a lot more anger than the latest circumstance or situation value, it is because that anger or even negative emotion has opened up the Unconscious Mind as well as everything that is trapped inside attempts to get out, or even escape.

Likewise, if you ever feel as if you are wandering via life aimlessly, seemingly without having purpose or meaning, for the reason that you have lost the connection towards your Super Conscious Mind.

How Can I Control My Mind – Recall, that you have three separate, along with distinct “Minds,” the Cognizant, Unconscious, and the Super Cognizant Minds. Another way to look at it is that your Unconscious Mind can be your animal part, the emotional baggage of which needs to be tamed, controlled, or managed.

It is advisable to change the selfishness, and immaturity to cooperate. Suppose you do not change your Subconscious Mind and transmute the actual anger, frustration, aggression, and desire into love, threshold, and compassion. In that case, you will still ride a roller coaster associated with chaos, confusion, and discomfort.

How Can I Control My Mind – The Conscious Mind is responsible for guiding and advising the Unconscious Mind; the mission is to help the Unconscious Mind typically advance. The Conscious Mind must give up its belief that this needs to be correct and stop manipulating the external world, attempting to make it specific.

The Mindful Mind must become brave and generous, unselfish, understanding, and patient, as well as caring. In short, the Conscious Thoughts must control the unfavorable emotions of the Unconscious Thoughts. The Super Conscious Thoughts is with you to guide as well as counsel the lower pair of Thoughts. Its mission is to make them evolve.

How Can I Control My Mind – The three thoughts each have different abilities and various priorities. You must find a way to obtain them to all work together, using the best capabilities of each; typically the emotional and memory-bound, deductive Unconscious Mind; the sensible, logical, and inductive Cognizant Mind, and the superior intelligence of the Super Conscious Head. Once again, I cannot stress plenty of the importance of meditation in bringing 3 Minds together harmoniously.

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