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Hinduism – The Reply to the Nice 'WHY?'


In at this time’s Satsang Swamiji strongly inspired all dwelling training Hindus to look in and reply the large WHY for themselves. Earlier than atheists and politicians unfold the WHY NOT angle we should enquire into the Fact and attain out with the solutions for WHY. There’s a deep self-doubt amongst Hindus because of robust Westernization. We will by no means match right into a Western definition of faith with one god, one ebook and one set of beliefs. Hindus are alway able to comply with the one who can lead us to the following stage of consciousness and completion. the collective soul of the Indic Data custom is predicated on who can finest reply WHY. Allow us to all look in and reply the WHY and enrich others with this understanding.

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Immediately, Mahadeva is gracing us within the type of the Leela “Ezhu Kadal Azhaithadhu”. Means, “Calling all of the Seven Oceans”.

See, when Sundareshwara was ruling the Pandya Kingdom, Kanchanamala, the mom of Devi Meenakshi, was suggested by Sage Gautama to take dip in all of the seven oceans, as that will deliver her Completion and lead her to enlightenment.

So, Kanchanamala knowledgeable this to Meenakshi and requested Meenakshi to offer her suggestion to Mahadeva.

Meenakshi took the advice to Mahadeva.

Sundareshwara (Mahadeva) instantly known as all of the seven oceans to come back to Madurai in a single pond, and Kanchanamala took tub in that pond and received blessed.

Even now that pond is there in entrance of Meenakshi Temple (in Madurai). And, very humorous factor, solely that water is so salty it offers the expertise of actually the ocean water! Throughout Madurai, it’s all good water; due to that solely the Vaigai (the river Vaigai), the underground water is so good. However solely this space, implies that pond, solely that pond has salt water. So, it is extremely stunning!

So, Mahadeva at this time is gracing us in that type of “Ezhu Kadal Azhaitha Leelai”.

And, as a part of Ganesha Brahmotsava, Ganesha can also be gracing us on the Lion Car — “Simha Vahana”, “Suvarna Simha Vahana” (Golden Lion Car).

I’ll enter into at this time’s Nithya Satsangh.

Very first thing, I’d advocate everybody who’re born Hindus, or who’re training Hindus, to all of you discover why you’re training, what you’re training. Have satisfactory and proper causes. A lot of the Hindu organizations fail completely, bitterly, badly, as a result of they do not have satisfactory cognition, satisfactory causes, sufficient causes. Perceive, Hinduism shouldn’t be yet another faith which is on the market for the sake of numbers or to attain political energy or management over the folks by way of faith. That’s the first understanding we have to have. The Western civilization, sadly, have no idea what’s faith. Please perceive, they know solely a algorithm, and laws, organization-based, some ideas that are normally used for political manipulation or controlling folks. That’s the reason I make this one assertion very boldly. As per the Western definition, Hinduism shouldn’t be a faith and wWe are a way of life! The great thing about this faith is, nobody can use this to regulate or manipulate folks; nobody can use this faith for political energy, political manipulation. Hinduism is a way of life — enriching your self and others with consciousness.

As I mentioned, wherever the thriller is explored, the mysteries of consciousness are explored. Wherever folks attempt to full their incompletions, wherever folks attempt to expertise the Final, style the Final, wherever folks search the Final, Hinduism is practiced there, perceive! It’s practiced there!

What actually is the primary motive for the struggling we undergo? What actually is the explanation for the assault we undergo?

Sadly, Hindu organizations, whether or not it’s a spirituality-based group like educating Yoga, meditation, non secular ideas, or the religion-based organizations, the ritualistic part of Hinduism — that based mostly organizations — or organizations created for the social justice of Hindus, demand of social justice for Hindus, or the organizations created to succeed in out everywhere in the world to take away the incorrect concepts, ideas taught about Hinduism, and to clear, to cease the defamation, any kind of those organizations, please perceive, or doing service to society based mostly on the Hindu religion, any of those kind of organizations, have to do one factor primarily, please perceive, wanted to do one factor primarily, even for Nithyananda Sangha I’m giving this as necessary recommendation, our work shouldn’t be inside our Sangha, our work is especially exterior the Sangha, to succeed in out to the mainstream Hindus. However, luckily or sadly, knowingly or unknowingly, we’re overwhelmed, we’re overwhelmed with no matter you name as your completion or incompletion, your information or follow, what you assume as proper or incorrect, many of the Hindu organizations are caught inside themselves. They’re repeatedly and once more, together with Nithyananda Sangha…..


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