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That is an audio model of the Wikipedia Article:
Hinduism in Vietnam

Listening is a extra pure method of studying, when in comparison with studying. Written language solely started at round 3200 BC, however spoken language has existed way back.

Studying by listening is a good way to:
– will increase creativeness and understanding
– improves your listening expertise
– improves your individual spoken accent
– study whereas on the transfer
– cut back eye pressure

Now study the huge quantity of basic data out there on Wikipedia via audio (audio article). You can even study subconsciously by taking part in the audio if you are sleeping! In case you are planning to pay attention rather a lot, you may attempt utilizing a bone conduction headphone, or a normal speaker as a substitute of an earphone.

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“The one true knowledge is in realizing you recognize nothing.”
– Socrates

Hinduism in Vietnam is practised primarily by the ethnic Cham folks, Balamon Cham, one in every of solely two surviving non-Indic indigenous Hindu peoples on the earth.


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