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Hinduism – Idea of Time – Origin, Nature, Items…


Hinduism – World’s Oldest Faith – Superior Idea of Time – Origin, Nature, Items…

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Kāla means each ‘Time’ and ‘Demise’ in Sanskrit. The thought of Time was fairly superior in Hinduism.

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#Origin of Time – In Hinduism, Time is a side of Creation. It exists so long as we’re certain to this Bodily World via our senses. Time is an Phantasm created by our senses and perceptions.

#Circulation of Time – Our present understanding of Time is a Linear, Single-Directional motion, like an arrow rushing from the Previous to the Future. Hinduism describes time as Cyclic – Non Linear, an limitless procession of Creation, Preservation and Dissolution. Hindus imagine that the Universe is with no starting or an finish.

#Kalachakra (Cycle of Time) – , All Bodily phenomena are Cyclical, Repetitive and Predictive. So Is Time. Each second repeats itself each 60 SECONDS. Each minute repeats itself each 60 MINUTES. Pure cycles of 12 years, 60 years, as much as thousands and thousands of years…Just like the idea of recurring Ice Ages.

#Time Relativity – In Hinduism – House and Time are Relative. Historic Hindus didn’t know Einstein’s Idea of Relativity, however they understood that Time ran in another way for Gods who lived in Larger Planes and People who lived in Decrease Planes. A Day of Gods is completely different from the times of People. 1 Day of Devas (Demigod) = 1 Human Yr.

#Yugas (Nice Ages) – The Four Yugas or Ages cowl 4.32 Million Human Years Or 12,000 Deva (Demigod) Years divided within the ratio of 4:3:2:1.
Satya Yuga – Golden Age – Advantage Reigns Supreme.
Treta Yuga – Silver Age – Three Quarter Advantage & 1 Quarter Sin.
Dvapara Yuga – Bronze Age – 1 Half Advantage & 1 Half Sin.
Kali Yuga – Iron Age – 1 Quarter Advantage & Three Quarter Sin.

#Items of Time – Hindus divided Time into models starting from as small as Microseconds (Atomic Time) to as massive as Trillions of Years (Age of the Universe).

#Present Age of Universe – We’re at the moment within the 1st ‘Day’ of the 51st yr of BRAHMA.

Surprising Scientific Ideas and Applied sciences have existed in Hinduism for Hundreds of Years. They’ve been made into Myths and have been handed on for Generations.

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