Hindu Nectar: Non secular Wanderings in India


A daughter’s journey distilling the nectar of the tales and songs she heard as a toddler. Weaving historic texts within the cloth of recent life. Rediscovering the land of her childhood, absorbed from her mom, the place faith was synonymous with the celebration of life, in all its colors. Journeying from the Himalayas to the Peninsular India, by means of rivers, mountains, forests, caves. She meets many practitioners. Every dialog reveals unfathomable depths to seemingly easy rituals she inherited. The character of life. Why we’re born? Why we die? What’s change? And what amidst Life’s fixed flux is the One…. fixed, unchanging, unmoving?

This cinematic journey creates an experimental rendering of one of many Earth’s oldest non secular traditions. Come. Wander. Expertise.


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