Hindu Components in Mughal Structure: UPSC Mains Reply Writing with Self-Evaluation Benchmarks


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Q. Hint the event of structure underneath the Mughals and level out the mingling of Hindu components in them.

मुघल स्थापत्य/ वास्तुकला का विकास व् उसमे हिंदू तत्वों के मिश्रण को चिन्हित कीजिए. (10m, 150 phrases)

To derive most profit from this lecture-series:

1. First, learn the Textbook NCERT Class 7 (Our Previous-II) ch.4 & 5. Then NITIN Singhania’s Artwork & Tradition ebook Ch.1- subtopic Islamic Structure.
2. Then write the reply to above query in an unruled clean web page with 1 inch margin on all sides.
3. Then come again & resume to video, to study the mannequin reply, and benchmarks for self-assessment.

Examination-Utility: UPSC IAS/IPS Mains Normal Research Paper-1, and StatePCS exams with descriptive papers.

Medium: Hindi language, English Powerpoint


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