Hindu Arts in Southeast Asia [Documentary]


The widespread and profound affect of Hinduism has left cultural and creative imprints all through the Southeast Asian area, leading to shared beliefs, rituals, iconography, monuments, literature, folklore, and varied different artwork kinds, the understanding of which might contribute to selling intercultural relations. This narrated documentary options “Hindu Arts in Southeast Asia”, which is a continuation of SEAMEO SPAFA’s programme collection on the “Religious Arts of Southeast Asia” underneath the Centre’s “Sacred Universe” flagship programme. The programme started with the workshop on “Islamic Arts in Southeast Asia” held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2012, adopted by “Buddhist Artwork in Southeast Asia” held in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014, and by “Christian Artwork in Southeast Asia” held in Manila and Vigan Metropolis, Philippines, in 2016.
SYNOPSIS: Hinduism performs an vital function within the ritual and cultural lifetime of Southeast Asian communities: within the Buddhist cultures of Mainland Southeast Asia, Hindu deities are worshipped alongside Buddhism and Animism, Brahmins are revered for his or her heritage and information; in Maritime Southeast Asia, the epic literature of Hindu civilization is deeply embedded within the performing arts and legendary world.

The affect of Hinduism additionally gave rise to a number of the strongest kingdoms within the historical past of Southeast Asia, and thus to monumental structure and related artwork kinds, together with Angkor, Champa, Majapahit, Srivijaya, and Langkasuka. In the present day, the island of Bali in Indonesia may be thought-about because the area’s guardian and residing reminiscence of Hindu tradition in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, Southeast Asia is residence to sizeable communities of Indian heritage who settled within the area as employees, merchants, troopers, directors in the course of the colonial period (i.e. from British India and French Pondicherry). Even after a number of generations, these communities proceed to follow their Hindu traditions, preserving this vibrant tradition alive within the area, notably in Singapore and Malaysia.


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