Getting Started With Facebook Stock Investing


Getting started with Facebook stock investing can be a bit intimidating. But with the correct information and guidance, you can profit and keep your investment safe.

Getting started with investing in FB stock

Getting started with investing in Facebook stock can seem intimidating. But before you invest, it’s essential to get some basic information. You’ll need to learn about the company, how to buy the stock and the basics of analyzing and managing your portfolio.

One way to determine whether or not the company is a good investment is to look at its financial performance. If the company performs well, the share price will rise. On the other hand, if the company is experiencing a downturn, the stock price will fall.

You can buy or sell Facebook shares using an online brokerage platform. However, before you buy or sell, you’ll need to ensure you have enough cash in your account. Some brokers will allow you to transfer funds from your bank account or credit card.

Forecast for December

FB stock price chart – The FB/USD chart shows a steady long-term bullish trend.

The top of the chart represents the average Facebook stock price. The bottom is the maximum of $251. It also shows that the price increased by 1.35% in December. The change for January is 4.87%.

FB stock will likely stay in the gray zone until the end of 2022. Nevertheless, this is a good time for investors as the company is launching a new social commerce tool called Shops. This tool will allow users to sell their products on the company’s platform.

The FB stock forecast for December is pretty solid, with the company set to hit $289 in the first six months of 2024. This may not be enough to push the FB/USD price over the edge, but it’s not a bad start.

Forecast for January

During the last two weeks, the Facebook stock price has been eroding. The reason for this is the news that the FTC will sue the company for an illegal monopoly. The lawsuit is expected to result in a massive fine for the company.

It’s important to note that a successful lawsuit will significantly affect the value of Facebook’s shares. Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor all the latest news.

The company’s revenue continues to grow. Its annual growth rate is estimated at 7.26%. The company’s net profit is also high compared to turnover. The average industry growth rate is 3.59%.

The company’s total revenues were down 0.3% year-on-year in Q2. It expects global MAU to be flat to down sequentially in Q2. The company’s guidance for total revenues of $28-$30bn in Q2 2022 is unchanged.

FB stock’s most recent earnings

Despite Facebook’s latest earnings, investors are still waiting to see how the company will fare in the long term. After posting weak results in the first quarter, the social network faces many challenges. These include the iOS privacy update and the rise of younger video sites like TikTok. Among the other concerns is a global economic slowdown. As a result, central banks are trying to combat inflation and lower consumer demand by raising interest rates.

Earlier this year, two analysts cut their price targets on FB stock. A Baird analyst maintained his outperform rating, while a Jefferies analyst raised his.

The two companies most recent earnings reports reflect the global economic slowdown. In particular, Alphabet’s (GOOG) results were a disappointment. The company reported weak sales and missed profit expectations. Likewise, Microsoft’s (MSFT) earnings were also lagging.

FB’s influence on the 2016 US election

During the US election in 2016, Facebook’s influence on the vote was a matter of intense scrutiny. Its role was a topic of discussion for executives at the company’s quarterly all-hands meeting. It is also a subject of ongoing controversy.

The company has acknowledged that malicious non-state actors have used it to spread misinformation. It has also announced new security measures to protect the company from foreign interference. It also says that 3,000 ads linked to Russia reached millions and were likely seen by billions of people.

Earlier this year, several members of Congress demanded that Mark Zuckerberg testify about the company’s influence on the election. The CEO responded by stating that he did not think it influenced voters. However, he said it would be a “crazy idea” if it did.