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Why is an article such as this needed to explain how to get the Non-Immigrant Category To Visa for Thailand? Certainly, the requirements are available on the Thai Embassy and Consulate sites. Well, yes there is a large amount of information on the requirements for getting a Non-Immigrant Category I Visa for Thailand for the Thai Embassy and Consulate websites and also on a variety of third-party websites such as Thai legal websites and Thai forums. But those internet websites have a lot of information contributing to all types of visas.

This article is especially about getting a Non Foreigner Category O Visa to get to Thailand and so the information is quite a bit clearer than the other internet websites. Additionally, the language used on often the Official Thai websites was in a semi-legal language, and staying translated from Thai words it is not always clear what the meaning is. On the other hand, the information here is written in clear easy-to-understand English. Also, the requirements to get a Non-Immigrant Category A Visa for Thailand are very much different according to which site you read and in our experience also according to go to get your visa!

This all will be explained in the content along with answers to concerns like these:

Who Needs A Not Immigrant Category O Passport For Thailand?
What Is A Not Immigrant Visa For Thailand?
What is A Category “O” Not for Immigrant Thai Visa?
Time Does A Category “O” Not for Immigrant Thai Visa Continue?
What Is A Multiple Entry Type “O” Non-Immigrant Passport For Thailand?
What Must You Get A Non-Immigrant Passport For Thailand?
What Other Sorts of Visas For Thailand Do you have?
Where Is The Best Place To Purchase a Non-Immigrant Visa To get to Thailand?
Who Needs A Not for Immigrant Category O Passport For Thailand?

There are 15 classifications on Non-Immigration Visas for Thailand each one for a specific purpose and they only one called the Category “O” Visa, “O” standing to get “Other”. The Non-Foreigner Category O Visa to get to Thailand, by definition is made for people and reasons certainly not falling into the other categories. Typically it is for people who would like to stay in Thailand for a more time period than they could use a standard tourist visa which might be valid for just a few weeks.

Usually, people seeking a Not Immigrant Category O Passport for Thailand want to go to their Thai spouse, youngsters, parents, or for retirement living. They are people who are not organizing any type of work or enterprise in Thailand. In addition, along with a Non-Immigrant Category I Visa you are able to apply to an available Thai Bank Account in order to apply for a work permit with Thailand.

How Long Does A Type “O” Non-Immigrant Thai Visa Last?

A normal Type “O” Non-Immigrant Thai is valid for 3 months (three months) unless usually instructed by the Office connected with Immigration Bureau.

Extending The time scale Of Validity

Qualified persons can obtain an additional one-year permit counting from the night out of an entry in Thailand at the discretion of the Immigration officer. The application has to be produced either at the Thai consular mission aboard or at your workplace at Immigration Bureau inside Bangkok.

What Is A Multiple Admittance Category “O” Non-Migration Visa For Thailand?

Any multiple entry Category “O” Non-Immigrant Visa regarding Thailand is exactly what it claims. It is exactly the same as a standard Category “O” Non-Migration Visa except that multiple items are permitted. The maximum moment you can stay in Thailand using a Thai multiple-entry Class “O” Non-Immigrant Passport is 90 days. Then you ought to leave Thailand and head over to another country but you can re-enter Thailand the next day. (Or perhaps the same day, although I have not tried that)

The multiple entry Type “O” Non-Immigrant Passport is valid for one calendar year. So you can effectively stay for 1 year in Thailand using this type of kind of visa provided that you actually leave the country every 11 weeks. Leaving and re-entering Thailand to authorize the next several month periods on your many entry visas is not seen as onerous or expensive as it sounds. You can simply cross the particular border into Laos or perhaps Cambodia to the East to be able to Malaysia to the South.

What Should You Get A Non-Immigrant Passport For Thailand?

The requirements to secure a Category “O” Non-Foreigner Visa is not always apparent and it does depend upon your location getting your visa.

Royal Thai Embassy Web page in London Requirements For A Type “O” Non-Immigrant Passport For Thailand

Below are certain requirements as set out on the Supérieur Thai Embassy Website working in London, U. K.

First, these are typically the stated requirements for all those categories of Non-Immigrant Passport for Thailand:

The Visa license request form completely filled out
Passport or maybe travel document with abilities not less than 6 months and its backup
Two 4 x some cm full-faced, bareheaded images taken within the past few months
Evidence of adequate finance (20, 000 Baht per man or woman and 40, 000 Baht per family)
Letter involving acceptance from the Ministry involving Labour and Social Health (Alien Occupational Control Category, Department of Employment.

Beyond the above, the following are required for the course “O” Non-Immigrant Passport:

Birth Certificate
Certificate involving Marriage or its variation
An official recommendation letter through an organization performing voluntary work in Thailand
Note that Additional documents (not specified) may be required.

Royal Thai Consulate, Birmingham (U. T. ) Requirements For A Group “O” Non-Immigrant Passport For Thailand

According to the Regal Thai Consulate, Birmingham, Oughout. K. Website some of the requirements in the above list are not required if you make an application for your Category “O” No Immigrant Visa at the Représentation, but other requirements tend to be listed.

The following, for example, aren’t listed as being required:

Delivery Certificate
Letter of approval from the Ministry of Work and Social Welfare (Alien Occupational Control Division, Division of Employment.
In fact, my hubby got his Multiple Access Category “O” Non-Migration Visa For Thailand through Royal Thai Consulate, Greater London with just our Thai Marriage certificate plus naturally his passport, Fee plus the completed Form.

Other Types Of Low Immigrant Visas For Thailand There Are

In summary, because the grammar on the official Thai internet sites is much longer, these are different types of Non-Immigrant Integralinis For Thailand there are:

(F) to perform official duties
(B) to do business or to work
(I’m) to ‘invest with the rivalité of Thai Ministries along with Government Departments ‘
(IB) various other investment
(ED) to study, enroll in seminars, etc
(M) to function as a film producer, journalist, or maybe reporter
(R ) to carry out missionary work or various other religious activities
(RS) for you to conduct scientific research or maybe training or teaching
(EX) to undertake skilled work in order to work as an expert or specialized
(O) other activities
Where To Get Some sort of Non-Immigrant Visa Intended for Thailand

You can obtain your own Non-Immigrant Visas With regard to Thailand from either a Regal Thai Consulate Embassy or perhaps a Royal Thai Consulate. I have discovered that (in the Oughout. K. ) it is simpler and faster to get your No Immigrant Visas for Thailand from the Royal Thai Représentation in Birmingham rather that this Royal Thai Consulate Charge in London.

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