FFXIV Fashion Report Guide


Fashion Report in Final Fantasy 14 is an exclusive event, allowing players to earn MGP by dressing to weekly themes. Players should chat with Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer to take part and follow her outfit clues for this unique activity.

Finding gear combinations to achieve 100 points can be challenging; 80 will guarantee players 60,000 MGP, but 100 marks unlock the Fashion Leader title. However, reaching either of these milestones requires finding just the right gear combinations to earn perfect scores.

Theme and Clues

Fashion Report is a weekly activity that allows players to gain in-game rewards. Players must create an 11-item outfit (excluding waist and offhand slots) that fits Masked Rose’s clues each week, creating 11 pieces that meet the theme and clues presented. By matching their gear correctly with Masked Rose’s theme clues and clues, they could gain anywhere between 10 to 100 points and different rewards from Masked Rose herself.

Masked Rose will reveal this week’s fashion report theme and clues on Tuesday after the server reset, with participants being invited to submit themselves starting Friday for judging. Participants’ goal should be to construct wardrobe items that conform to this week’s given theme/clues and present themselves for evaluation beginning on Friday; those able to do so may receive significant MGP rewards as rewards for their effort.

Fashion Report is one of the most exciting activities in Final Fantasy XIV, but it can also be difficult for newer players. Requirements change often, and some struggle to keep up with them. However, the FFXIV community provides invaluable assistance through Twitter user and streamer Kaiyoko Star’s weekly guide that shows what gear should go where and how best to achieve optimal scores.

One essential tip for creating an accurate Fashion Report in Final Fantasy XIV is searching for clothing that complements your race and sex. Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa provides suitable gear, which should help complete this report quickly. To achieve more precise results, check the tooltip of each piece, which should contain your character’s name and sex, for optimal results.

For maximum benefit from a Ffxiv fashion report, all gear slots must be filled with themed gear and all dye colors used. This will increase the player’s chance of scoring at least 80 points and receiving a large sum of MGP; reaching 100 points unlocks a Fashion Leader title worth 60,000 MGP more!


Final Fantasy XIV players can compete in the Fashion Report activity each week to test their fashion acumen against fellow Eorzean citizens. The challenge involves creating an 11-item outfit (excluding waist and offhand slots ) to match Masked Rose’s theme hints given at Gold Saucer, with four attempts allowed by Friday judging starting. A score out of 100 will determine rewards; higher scores could unlock Fashion Leader titles which require high-level crafting or buying costly Market Board items.

Not only must players assemble outfits that meet requirements, but they must also know which gear and dyes to use. A great way of getting advice about acceptable equipment from dedicated community members like u/kaiyoko on Reddit (FFXIV Reddit) would be by looking at an infographic, like what u/kaiyoko has available every Friday.

However, this approach may not always be possible due to the fashion report’s constantly shifting requirements for equipment. Some items needed may be tricky or impossible due to rarity issues, such as items dropped by dungeons and trials or made using rare material. Furthermore, the equipment required to earn high scores on Market Board might become more expensive after its guide has been posted by sellers who increase prices accordingly.

At FFXIV, players who wish to participate in this weekly event are always met with support and assistance from its community. Participation is one of the easiest and fastest ways for players to earn MGP and access Kasumi’s shop for exclusive FFXIV attire – not to mention that you could walk away with 10,000 MGP for every successful attempt and an extra reward of 50,000 MGP if your score reaches 80+!

Off-hand Slots

Fashion Reports can be an excellent way to earn MGP, but players often struggle to score high. That is why the community has come together and provided this guide so players can maximize their weekly MGP earnings.

Masked Rose provides players with an equipment theme each week (excluding off-hand and waist slots) and instructs adventurers to create outfits matching that theme using her hints. MGP rewards will depend on how closely their gear matches her instructions; those achieving perfection in gear assembling will receive additional bonuses and weekly MGP rewards.

Although there are prominent pieces of gear that can help players reach high scores, the community has also discovered some unexpected gems that can provide even better results. A pair of gloves featuring a False Nail appearance can be obtained for free by completing Color Your World. Orchard Brown dye can be purchased at Dyemongers at a minimal cost; combined, these items can quickly get players past 80 points.

Participating in the Fashion Report requires checking back weekly with Kasumi. She will unlock glamour and furnishing items based on how many points you earn each week until you eventually own everything available from Kasumi’s shop. Players usually reach this stage in six weeks.

Fashion Report participants who score 100 or more can achieve Fashion Leader status when scoring 100 points or higher on Fashion Report, unlocking the Nier pod mount recently added in patch FFXIV. Players looking for gear that can help them achieve high Fashion Report scores should refer to Kaiyoko Star (r/kaiyokostar) Reddit guide; this FFXIV community has been beneficial when assisting players in finding appropriate equipment – make sure you check back every Friday!

Final Words

Eorzea’s fictional world offers various activities and content for players to put their fashion knowledge to the test, with one event known as FFXIV Fashion Report providing them an opportunity to earn MGP by guessing outfit pieces that match specific themes. This activity can be found within Gold Saucer every week for easy participation!

Every Tuesday, the Fashion Report opens for submissions until Friday of that week, when players may submit themselves for judging on Friday. Players must present an 11-item outfit (excluding waist and off-hand slots ) that adheres to a specific theme/hint combination for evaluation by judges; if successful in getting the highest score, they could earn rewards such as MGP and be named the Fashion Leader title.

Fashion Report clues typically focus on various parts of a character’s body. Suppose the indication for Wild Side requires outdoor gear like Anemos Hats, Gyuki Leather Hats, or Wrangler Hats. Chef items such as Galleykeeper’s Apron or Culinarian’s Apron also make for excellent ensemble accessories. False Nails or Nails of the Beast might help if matching their hands with outfits perfectly!

Each week, a different Fashion Report with new themes and outfit pieces to guess is unveiled in the Gold Saucer by Masked Rose. If you wish to participate, she will provide clues for this week’s challenge as well as when and how often players may submit an outfit for judging; once complete, players will receive their rewards; so the fun part is you can participate more than once as long as each time your presentation of an original look!