Ex Muslims talk about Islam and Hinduism


Hinduism is the oldest religious custom of this world and is all about liberty and freedom to carve one’s personal path to divine.It has no idea of apostasy or blasphemy and even conversion! However with none push in the direction of conversion it’s profitable hearts and minds of individuals all around the world by it is instructing,love and philosophy alone.

Liberty is gr8est asset of humanity and no liberty is gr8er than liberty of selecting your Gods/Goddesses or none!!That’s Hinduism-Liberty and Liberation!!

Hinduism is not only a religion. It’s the union of motive and instinct that may not be outlined however is simply to be skilled. Evil and error are usually not final. There isn’t a Hell, for meaning there’s a place the place God just isn’t, and there are sins which exceed his love.

Hindu texts snort at religions as being the dogma of self-righteous fools and emphasize on Dharma-the righteous method. Hinduism is only a handy label for the worlds oldest religious and philosophical custom.


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