Epic Forex Trading Scam


There are many scams, and one of these is the Epic Forex Trading scam. It claims to accept Bitcoins, debit cards, Neteller, and wire transfers. However, this broker does not accept Skrill, a popular online payment method. Recently, Skrill warned users not to deal with such brokers. Skrill only allows people to deal with regulated brokers who provide proper documentation. So if you want to make money from the forex market, it is better to go with a reputable Forex broker.

Epic Trading is not a pyramid scheme.

Epic Trading is a Forex trading MLM that claims to offer training in forex trading. However, the company’s compensation plan seems geared towards recruiting people into its network. In addition, the company’s founder has been involved with pyramid schemes in the past, which raises questions about the company’s credibility.

It’s difficult to say whether Epic Trading is a pyramid scheme, but it’s undoubtedly an MLM focusing on Forex trading. This company looks almost identical to other similar Forex trading MLMs, such as the Cash FX Group and FBS. However, while the founder of Epic Trading has been involved in pyramid schemes before, the company itself is different.

Epic Trading was founded in 2020 by David McCovey, a serial entrepreneur with experience in hospitality, retail, and Multi-Level Marketing. The company operates through a network marketing business group where clients can choose to join for educational content and to participate in an affiliate marketing program. In addition, it specializes in forex trading education and offers stocks and binary options courses.

The company has an extensive affiliate program. It offers affiliates bonuses and commissions for referring new members. The company also offers a comprehensive library of training materials. The company calls its members Scholars. The Epic Trading affiliate program is also a good option for those looking for a legitimate business opportunity.

Epic Trading’s services are available online and through an app. It can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users worldwide can use the app to access the company’s services. The app also provides live chat support and a customer service center. These services are available on Android devices and iPhones.

Epic Trading offers a university for forex trading

Epic Trading is a leading global company that provides a training environment to learn FOREX trading. Its corporate leaders have over 100 years of combined business experience, and its FOREX traders and trainers are some of the best in the industry. The company has no debt, which is a positive sign.

Epic Trading was founded in 2020 by David McCovey and had headquarters in Nevada. He has a background in hospitality, retail, and Multi-Level Marketing, and his entrepreneurial expertise is apparent in the business model. His education program combines training and an optional multi-level marketing referral program. His company has invested in several different businesses, including a Las Vegas concert company and a Hollywood film.

The company’s educational resources are decent, and its content is updated and easy to understand. There is also active customer support. However, the monthly membership cost is high, so a new trader might be better off choosing a cheaper alternative. A multi-level affiliate marketing program is also available to help members earn money by selling their courses and training.

The company provides Forex trading services using Meta Trader 5 and Meta Trader 4. This company also offers trade indices and commodities. If you’re a beginner, start with a free account with a prominent broker or an online training platform like Epic Trading. This way, you can practice trading without risking your own money.

Although the company is still in its early stages, it offers an extensive range of content for traders. This makes it essential to decide if it’s worth your time. Also, consider the legality of offering financial products in Nepal, as not all are entry.