Dragon Express For Mac OS X


Dragon Express is an easy, two-minute voice recognition solution for Mac OS. Once downloaded and installed, an enrollment process allows the program to learn your voice before sending any transcribed text directly into an OS X application.

Nuance’s award-winning Dragon Medical One and DAX Express work hand in hand to reduce clinician burnout by automating clinical documentation. You can quickly document multiple user profiles in the cloud.

It’s easy to use

Nuance Communications recently unveiled Dragon Express ($49 introductory price). This entry-level voice recognition software enables you to put your voice to work on the computer without typing. Located in the menu bar, activation with either keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks initiates speech-to-text conversion, and transcription results appear in a window for you to copy directly into any application of your choice.

The accuracy of the voice recognition engine is impressive and continues to improve with regular use. The dictation feature supports custom words and industry-specific terminology for increased productivity; also, quick access to frequently used text passages with voice command access. Automator Workflow creation with voice execution.

Dragon Professional Individual is a comprehensive solution featuring improved dictation accuracy (15% over version 4) and full-text control in many popular applications you use daily. Furthermore, this system supports using USB headsets or Nuance-approved digital voice recorders to record advanced features, automatically transcribing audio files into text on the desktop for quick documentation purposes, syncing with Dragon Anywhere mobile to keep you productive from any location by voice dictation and customizations synchronization, and advanced recording functionality with advanced recording features for rapid documentation purposes.

It’s fast

Dragon Express from Nuance provides an effortless, time-saving solution for quickly creating documents without typing. This app is a simplified version of their full-featured Dragon Dictate software, designed to sit comfortably in your Mac menu bar and transform speech to text instantly – you can use this text for email, Web searches, or social media updates!

As with its more expensive counterpart, Dragon Express allows users to dictate directly into applications like Gmail and Pages ’09; however, unlike its pricier software counterpart, it does not allow you to combine dictation/editing in both apps simultaneously. Furthermore, the latter software enables editing/formatting/correction by voice, opening/closing applications by vote, controlling mouse functions with voice, and creating custom voice commands.

Dragon Express can be used with your Mac’s built-in microphone or an external USB headset and activated with either keystrokes or by clicking its menu bar icon. Support for multiple languages is included with an updated dictionary – plus, it learns from your voice over time for greater accuracy!

The only drawbacks include slow startup time and the absence of support for placing microphones atop Macbook Airs, but these issues shouldn’t prevent anyone interested in trying voice recognition from trying it out!

It’s accurate

Dragon Express is an essential tool for anyone wanting to do more on their Mac without typing. Using its microphone, the software transcribes speech into text, allowing you to post on Twitter, write emails, create Pages documents or Word documents, and more – all without touching a keyboard! Easy and accurate use make Dragon Express perfect for creating Pages/Word documents and can work with a wide range of words while remaining easy on users’ hands – although certain limitations exist due to speech recognition software used within computers.

This software is an invaluable resource for children with special needs, allowing them to express themselves creatively while developing spelling and grammar skills. Plus, its user-friendly design makes it simple!

Dragon Express can also read text from apps for users who don’t wish to type or have limited mobility; this feature can be beneficial. Please be aware, however, that not all apps support this functionality.

The latest version of this software offers greater accuracy than its predecessors, including detecting accents and dialects and providing a dictation training process explicitly tailored for users with distinct voices, allowing users to customize the software with their unique voice for increased accuracy.

It’s affordable

Nuance has just released Dragon Express on the Mac App Store as an economical version of their more advanced Dragon Dictation software. You can access this $50 application by activating it with a keyboard shortcut or mouse click, and it immediately begins converting speech into text, allowing you to email, search, or copy and paste into social networking websites instantly.

Dragon Dictate software offers more sophisticated voice dictation features, enabling you to dictate directly into applications, edit, format, and correct recognition errors with voice, open/close applications using voice control, manage mouse use with voice commands, and create custom voice commands. However, Dragon Express may still be helpful for those seeking a quicker route to getting things done.

This app works best with your Mac’s built-in microphone or a USB headset; wireless mics and digital recorders do not work. Once active, the app will listen for your voice whenever it’s spoken out loud and will keep transcribing until either you click off of the window or press one of its key shortcuts to end transcription; you can pause transcription at any point, and your text will wait in its window until needed for an application.