Do bingo game rooms offer jackpot prizes?


Online gambling, particularly iGaming, has increased the number of jackpots punters can win. Slot games now hold substantial progressive jackpots and even minor jackpots, or a selection of banks such as mini, petty, central, and grand jackpots. All of these are now commonplace on many new slot game releases. Slots have made millionaires out of a tiny percentage of players because of linked spaces that produce huge prizes that rival lottery wins – check it out now.

However, not just slots offer jackpots; bingo games also have jackpots attached to them, and the prize pool can also be impressive.

Bingo Jackpots: A Closer Look

Many big-brand bingo providers offer jackpot prizes to bingo customers. Smaller jackpots are offered at land-based bingo halls, while the most significant rewards are reserved for online bingo rooms. The most common banks online bingo players will encounter are fixed and progressive jackpots.

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots can be won repeatedly, and the prize fund remains the same. These are the easiest of the banks to win, but they still need considerable luck to be bagged. To win a fixed jackpot, players must get a whole house in a set number of balls or less.

Fixed jackpots can be won by numerous individual players at once, and if this occurs, the pot is split equally between all the winning bingo ticket holders. So, if a player gets a whole house and wins the fixed bank, but the amount credited to their account is a fraction of the total fixed jackpot amount, there have been multiple winners during that specific game.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are the headline makers that every bingo player wants to win. These jackpots offer special cash prizes when compared to their fixed jackpot counterparts, and this is because a percentage of all players staking on the tickets linked to the game are used to build the progressive jackpot prize pool.

Again, a whole house is needed in a specified number of balls, or less to win a progressive jackpot, and the amount won depends on how long it has taken for the bank to be claimed and how many bingo tickets have been sold, as these sales are what fuel the size of the pot. Once the progressive jackpot has been claimed, the bank will reset and build again.

Other Bingo Game Room Prizes

Some progressive jackpots are also known as community jackpots, which pay a percentage of the jackpot to the player or players who won the jackpot. A small percentage is then shared amongst all the bingo players who bought tickets in the bingo game that saw the jackpot get claimed.

Progressive Jackpots tend to be reserved for paying bingo customers only. Free bingo games have small main prizes in comparison, and this is even the case for full-house winning ticket holders.

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