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Divinity, Vol. 7 – Music for Devotion and Meditation (Full Album Stream)


Observe itemizing

1. Gayatri Mantra (00:00)
2. Shri Krishna Govind (11:16)
3. Aisi Laagi Lagan (20:33)
4. tna To Karna Swami (29:38)
5. Prabhuji Tum Chandan (33:21)
6. Jai Radha Raman (39:49)
7. Rang De Chunariya (48:36)
8. Swaminarayan Hari Hari (58:49)
9. Jheeni Bhini Chadariya (01:08:29)

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Divinity 7 – Music for devotion and meditation: While the primary ever instrumental disc within the Sona Rupa record-label sequence, Divinity, launched new compositions of well-known, a lot beloved age-old Bhajans; actually a elegant rendition of our prayers in music, Divinity2 traversed related grounds however highlighted the sacredness of specific musical devices and the Indian classical raags regularly utilized in Bhajans and Kirtans. Divinity3, but once more, explored the underlying theme of devotion, meditation and salvation by well-known religious and devotional compositions of historic and trendy occasions while Divinity4 celebrated the Divine by fashionable devotional compositions, largely from Indian movies.

Divinity5, Divinity6 and now Divinity7 continues the theme of bringing the very best of conventional and fashionable devotional music corresponding to essentially the most exalted of all of them, the Gayatri Mantra and the evergreen Shri Krishna Govind Stuti. This religious garland of devotion additionally embraces a number of the hottest bhajans penned by Meerabai, Sant Kabir and Raidasji in Divinity 7.

Conceived and Produced by Hemant Mattani

Music organized by Ashit Desai


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