Cordless Heated Blanket


This blanket uses a QC 3.0 power bank and heats up within five seconds, making machine washing possible with three heat settings providing 2-4 hours of warmth per setting and an auto shutoff mechanism of 12 hours. Select the best cordless heated blanket.

This portable heated throw features thin, imperceptible wires in contrast to traditional electric blankets with bulky components and tangling cords. An onboard handheld controller offers temperature settings for added comfort.

Lithium-ion battery technology

If you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, a battery-operated heated blanket is an effective way to stay warm. Light and portable, you can take it wherever necessary – from watching football games at stadiums to camping in the woods! In addition, each blanket has an automatic two-hour shut-off feature for added peace of mind.

These blankets utilize lithium-ion battery technology to deliver heat. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and easy to transport, making them convenient for everyday use, and rechargeability means keeping the blanket charged up is also convenient.

This hi-tech heating technology blanket features five different settings to meet your comfort. The advanced design also includes power surge and overheat protection and auto-off capability for easier sleep without worrying about overheating. Crafted with premium polyester material and machine washable, this blanket makes an excellent option for dialysis patients needing warmth during treatment sessions.

Thermoelectric technology

Utilizing thermoelectric technology, this blanket efficiently converts electrical energy to heat without moving mechanical parts. This process occurs by directly converting heat into electricity through the Seebeck effect or indirectly via the Peltier effect.

Calculating the efficiency of thermoelectric devices relies on their temperature-dependent material properties; a lower Seebeck coefficient and higher Peltier coefficient indicate more excellent performance from such generators.

Whether camping or cheering your favorite kid on at their sporting event, a cordless battery-powered heated blanket is ideal for staying warm without access to wall outlets. In addition, most cordless heated blankets feature portable power banks that can provide several hours of warm comfort before automatically shutting off. They’re even ideal for airplane travel!


Cordless heated blankets make for the ideal way to stay cozy without needing to be near a power outlet. Utilizing rechargeable lithium batteries these blankets use internal elements heated via rechargeable lithium batteries, which radiate warmth throughout. Cordless heated blankets can also provide excellent warmth during dialysis treatments when keeping warm is vitally important.

Battery-powered heated blankets are an excellent option for people on the move who want to stay warm, such as sports events and camping trips. Some come equipped with power surge protectors to prevent overheating.

This cordless blanket is made of soft premium flannel and sherpa fabric and offers ten temperature settings. Lightweight, machine washable, and with an auto-off time of 1h-8h for uninterrupted sleep, this is an essential piece of the winter toolkit and makes a beautiful present for loved ones!


Cordless heated blankets should be cautiously used as they can become extremely hot. Infants who cannot express their discomfort are especially at risk, as are those with diabetes or neurological conditions such as spine disorders.

Before selecting a model, it is essential to read its manufacturer’s specifications thoroughly. A blanket with multiple heat settings is ideal, as you can find one that best meets your comfort level. Furthermore, looking out for auto shutoff features – although not required by UL 964 standards – may be handy should you forget to turn off the blanket yourself.

As well as being machine washable, it’s wise to ensure the blanket can be machine dried. Although this feature may seem unnecessary initially, it will save time and effort in the long run.

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