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Chapter 10 – Hinduism – Vedas and Scriptures


This chapter on Hinduism explains the origin of the elemental pillar of Hinduism – the Vedas. The 4 Vedas are summarized and the chapter additional goes into explaining varied Hindu scriptures similar to Bhramanas, Aranyakas, Bhashyas, Upanishads, Smriti, Shashtras. This chapter additionally touches upon Itihasas and Puranas and their main message that the whole lot finally results in Brahman (God).

•Vedas are the basics of the Hindu faith
•When the universe bought created these vedic hymns had been imagined to be buzzing within the air and the saints may infer these because of their tremendous pure powers
•There are 4 vedas in Hindu faith which have developed as above. 1. Rig Veda, 2. Yajur Veda, 3. Saama Veda 4. Atharva Veda
•Whereas Rig, Yajur and Saama veda, are referred to as Thrayee ie, three elementary pillars for realizing Brahman (god), the Atharva veda is a synthesis of those three.
•Whereas Saama veda is usually poetic, Rig and Yajur veda consists of poetry and prose.
•A number of parts of the Rig veda are additionally present in Yajur veda and Saama veda
•Whereas Rig veda focuses on Gnana Maarga, Yajur veda’s key focus is Karma Maarga and Saama veda’s focus is Bhakthi Maarga
•The texts of the varied vedas are referred to as Veda Samhitha or Shruthi. They’re based mostly on direct revelation and therefore their authority is unquestioned.
•Other than the veda samhithas, there are numerous annotations and detailed explanations to vedas referred to as Brahmanas and Aaranyakas.
•Primarily based on the ideas referring to Gnana Maarga in vedas varied Rishis have expounded and analysed the idea of Brahman and these are referred to as Upanishads.
•Bhashyas are the commentary on vedas, upanishads and sutras and many others
•Shashtras are the teachings of Hinduism by which the persons are ruled. ‘Shas’ – rule to manipulate. ‘Shastras’ – that by which one is ruled.
•All different Hindu Shastras (Ithihasa, Purana, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha, Kavya, Bhashya, Sutra, Nibandhans and many others.) are referred to as Smruti.
•Itihasas and Puranas are additionally different main a part of Hindu Shastras.
•Itihasas are thought-about to be the tales which occurred in a selected interval when the individuals who created them lived ( Ramayana occurred throughout the interval of Valmiki) and Mahabharatha occurred throughout the interval of Vedavyasa). Ithihasa means historical past because it actually occurred. Ramayana and Mahabharatha are thought-about to be Ithihasas for the Hindus. Bhagavadgita, part of Mahabharatha, additionally comprises crucial teachings.
•The important thing teachings of Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagavadgita are given in Appendix 5. Puranas are historic texts eulogizing varied deities, primarily Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva by way of divine tales. Puranas might also be described as a style of necessary Hindu spiritual texts notably consisting of narratives of the historical past of the universe from creation to destruction, genealogies of kings, heroes, sages and demigods and descriptions of Hindu cosmology, philosophy, and geography. The Puranas are ceaselessly categorised in response to the three points of the divine Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. For individuals who can’t perceive the teachings of Vedas and Upanishads, Puranas inform the identical teachings by the use of tales in order that the teachings get imbibed within the minds of the particular person. Thus Puranas are shastras for frequent man instructed by the use of tales. In every of the Puranas, righteousness is upheld by god and the folks doing misdeeds get punished. The important thing instructing of the Puranas is also that the Brahman is the final word . The record of Puranas is given in Appendix 6.

Appendix 6: Puranas – shastras for frequent man instructed by the use of tales
-Brahma Purana
-Padma Purana
-Vishnu purana
-Shiva Purana
-Bhagavatha Purana
-Narada Purana
-Markandeya purana
-Agni Purana
-Bhavishya Purana
-Brahma Vyvartha Purana
-Linga Purana
-Varaha Purana
-Skanda purana
-Vamana Purana
-Koorma Purana
-Matsya Purana
– Vaayu Purana
– Garuda Purana
– Bramhanda Purana

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