Buying a DTG Printer for Sale


Purchasing a DTG printer can be an excellent investment in your business, enabling it to print items such as clothing labels, paper bags with logos, and promotional stamps at significantly reduced costs compared with screen printing costs. Choose the dtg printer for sales.

Several factors should be considered before purchasing a DTG machine, including cost, versatility, and maintenance needs.


DTG printers are an excellent option for anyone starting a print-on-demand business. These high-quality full-color prints can be directly applied onto T-shirts, tote bags, and more, eliminating the intermediary and saving time and money in printing smaller quantities than screen printing can offer. Before making your decision, though, always compare prices among different manufacturers and models before committing yourself fully.

DTG printing costs depend on several factors, including garment size number, colors used, and pretreatment applied. Pretreatment ensures the ink sticks to the fabric by treating it with pretreatment spray included with most printers or manually. Furthermore, you will require RIP software (Raster Image Processor) as an essential part of your setup, which can be purchased from third-party companies.

If you’re starting DTG printing, consider investing in an entry-level DTG printer for sale. These typically consist of commercial off-the-shelf Epson printers modified with custom base and RIP software by an independent third-party conversion firm – these provide an ideal way to get into this form of printing while being more affordable than more advanced industrial models. They’re a perfect option for silk screen and embroidery shops looking to expand their product offerings while staying within budget constraints.


DTG printing can be applied to different fabrics and colors, making it a good solution for small businesses needing low quantities of custom designs. DTG printers use gentle water-based inks on the skin, making it the ideal solution for clothing such as T-shirts that must remain comfortable against the skin.

DTG printers can be used in various applications, from creating t-shirts and uniforms for businesses or sports teams to creating gifts, toys, and accessories. Specific models even come equipped with barcoding systems that let you track each garment leaving production; some models even feature built-in wash stations to keep print heads clean!

Your DTG printer may come equipped with RIP software, or you can purchase third-party versions. Either way, these programs act as job management and color matching programs, provide white ink calculations for dark garments, and print images onto various substrates.

DTG printers are simple machines to set up quickly, although regular maintenance must be done for optimal functioning. A clean room with adequate ventilation should also be available as they feature dedicated cleaning solution channels and fabric head wiper systems to prevent drying out or clogging of ink.

Easy to use

DTG printing has quickly become the go-to decoration method for small businesses and individuals seeking to customize t-shirts, offering an inexpensive, quick, and versatile way to produce one shirt in 30 seconds or less. However, its limitations make it less suitable than screen printing for large orders with complex requirements.

The Brother GTXpro DTG printer is an efficient DTG machine that works on various fabrics, from 100% light poly to cotton/polyester blends and cotton/polyester blends. Utilizing its innovative CMYK-plus-white technology, it lays down a white base beneath full-color prints on dark garments for vivid, lifelike results that pop off the fabric surface. Furthermore, you can use this DTG machine on other textiles like shoes and bags to produce unique designs with this machine.

DTG printers typically come equipped with RIP software that makes editing graphics simple. The package offers functions like image placement, color matching, ink cost estimation, and valuable reports and statistics that help streamline production processes.

Brother has designed its GTXpro to maximize productivity with accessories that enhance its use, such as barcoding and photo alignment systems. These devices work hand in hand with your DTG printer to simplify t-shirt production processes while increasing profits.

Easy to maintain

Maintaining your machine is vital for selling it down the road. Prospective buyers are more likely to pay a premium for one that has regular maintenance records such as cleaning, lubricating, and replacing parts and using suitable inks and software – plus, it will last longer with improved results than one that hasn’t.

DTG printers differ from screen printing because they do not require creating, cleaning, and storing multiple screens; they take up less floor space and have an easier learning curve. Unfortunately, their initial investment may be higher, and you’ll also require equipment like a heat press and computer.

DTG printers make an ideal addition to small apparel decoration businesses, offering outstanding print quality and the capability of producing customized garments quickly and in small quantities. DTGs can have customized apparel such as shirts, bags, and other clothing items featuring intricate designs – they even create logos and graphics!

Before selecting a DTG printer for your business, it is wise to research all available options thoroughly. Consider factors like print speed, price, maintenance costs, pretreatment requirements, user-friendliness, ink system compatibility, and whether the machine can accommodate various fabrics and colors.

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