Buccal Fat Removal Price


Buccal fat removal is a functional procedure designed to reshape the face for improved facial sculptural features, making the face seem slimmer. This procedure is prevalent among patients with round features or “chunky cheeks.” The actual Interesting Info about تخلیه بوکال فت.

Price estimates for cosmetic methods depend on various factors to supply an accurate cost estimate as well as discuss available financing alternatives. A qualified plastic surgeon should be able to offer personalized cost estimates and explain any financing solutions that may be available.


Buccal fat removal (sometimes referred to as cheek reduction surgery) is an innovative cosmetic procedure used to sculpt the face and enhance its features, particularly cheekbones. This treatment works by extracting buccal fat pads in the lower cheeks, which contribute to chubbyness or roundness in facial structures, such as round cheeks. Although there are various methods available for eliminating excess facial fatty tissue, buccal fat removal stands out among them in its non-manipulation of skin or impact on facial elasticity.

Buccal fat removal can be performed as a standalone procedure or put together with other aesthetic treatments to increase the definition of the face. Cost factors often fluctuate based on where a plastic surgeon practices; areas with higher costs of living or greater demand for aesthetic procedures will typically charge more.

Even though buccal fat removal could provide an overall more characterized look to the face, prospective affected individuals must first carefully think of their long-term goals in addition to consulting a qualified facial cosmetic surgeon of choice to achieve balanced and beautiful results. A trained plastic surgeon will take into account each person’s specific facial structure when making recommendations that will result in desirable results that also achieve balance and harmony in appearance.

Surgeon’s Experience

Buccal fat removal is typically considered cosmetic rather than medically necessary and, as such, is generally not covered by insurance plans; however, it may be possible to secure a personal loan or credit card designed specifically to cover healthcare costs in order to protect its associated costs.

Experienced surgeons can ensure the safest results possible while mitigating risks associated with buccal fat removal and can complete this surgery more quickly, which could reduce overall treatment costs. Inexperienced surgeons could remove too much fat, which could leave an overly gaunt appearance or cause permanent facial nerve damage; by contrast, surgeons with extensive experience may complete surgery more quickly, potentially cutting overall treatment costs in half.

A highly skilled facial plastic surgeon will think of both their face treatment structure and long-term desired goals when making recommendations for this procedure. While it’s often best suited for patients with “chipmunk cheeks,” this solution can also help enhance narrow face shapes or add definition to the chin.

Additional factors affecting buccal fat reduction cost may include consultation fees, facility charges, and anesthesia costs; patients combining multiple facial rejuvenation procedures will likely incur higher total expenses; therefore, it is vitally essential that prospective patients carefully weigh all available options and select a surgeon with fair and transparent pricing structures.

Additional Procedures

As people age, their cheeks can lose volume, giving the face a gaunt or hollow appearance. Buccal fat removal can restore volume loss in this area of the lower half of the face for a more youthful appearance.

At your consultation, your surgeon will assess your facial anatomy and decide if buccal fat removal is the most suitable way to help you meet your goals. Once this decision has been made, they will provide a customized cost estimate according to your individual needs and desired outcomes.

The procedure is highly safe and minimally invasive, requiring only local anesthesia or sedation for maximum comfort. Your surgeon will make small incisions on the inside of your mouth that reduce the risk of visible scarring; once buccal fat has been eliminated from the procedure, these incisions will be closed with dissolvable sutures to secure healing.

Once the surgery is over, patients should plan to rest and recuperate for several days following it. When eating soft foods promotes healing and avoids placing pressure on incisions. Your surgeon will also prescribe pain-management medications; make sure you take them as directed.

If you are self-conscious about having full cheeks or chubby cheeks, buccal lipectomy may be the solution. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure can slim your cheeks while simultaneously defining your jawline for a more chiseled appearance. To learn more about this cosmetic process and schedule a consultation with Dr. Omidi.


Buccal fat removal can be an effective and safe cosmetic procedure for those who feel their cheeks are too full or round, whether due to genetics, weight gain, or any other factor. Before considering this surgery, you must be an ideal candidate and have realistic expectations regarding what results this surgery may yield for you.

Step one is meeting with a certified American Board of Plastic Surgeons and an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in buccal fat removal surgeries. You should request photographs of previous patients so that you can compare your appearance against theirs before and after results while asking how many such surgeries the surgeon has performed so as to get an indication of their level of expertise with this specialized procedure.

At your consultation, the surgeon will perform an in-depth exam of your face and cheeks to assess if you possess sufficient bone structure for surgery. He/she will discuss your goals as well as potential outcomes; after that, a customized treatment plan will be created specifically for you.

As part of your postoperative recovery, there may be additional expenses related to medications and dressings; it is a good idea to discuss this cost with your surgeon at your initial consultation appointment.

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