British Airways Flight Reviews – Are They Worth Using Avios Points?


Using Avios points to get cheap flights can be a good way to make sure you get the best value for money on a British Airways flight, but what about the experience of flying with BA? Here we have some reviews from other passengers to help you decide if flying with BA is right for you.

IFE was clunky

BA’s IFE system has been through several iterations but seems to have settled on an iPad as a temporary fix. It’s loaded with half a dozen current films and a few older ones. The iPads offer more screen space than the old, clunky IFE, but still aren’t ideal.

The seat pitch wasn’t generous

British Airways seat pitch isn’t very generous on the A350-1000. It’s only one and a half inches longer than most Euro business seats. As a result, the pitch doesn’t allow for easy aisle access. If you want to use the aisle, you’ll either have to move someone else in your seat or crawl under them.

Cabin service was inattentive

A recent flight on British Airways left us feeling unsatisfied with the company’s cabin service. We were not seated in the center row of the cabin and the flight attendant wasn’t attentive, which was frustrating. British Airways has since redesigned its business and long-haul Club World cabins to make them more comfortable for passengers, but it is still unclear whether they’ve made any improvements to its service.

Cabin design

BA’s cabin design is a lot more modern and private than most of its competitors. Its dark bulkheads and thick curtains give the impression of being in a private cocoon. The bathroom has been improved as well. While its new cabin design does not radically change the layout of the cabin, it does add a premium look and feels.

The company aims to offer passengers a luxurious experience at an affordable price. Its cabin design features the latest innovations in comfort and style. The BA 787 Dreamliner has a unique and elegant appearance, with a new seating configuration and updated amenities. The aircraft also features new color schemes and material finishes. The new bathrooms, for example, feature diamond-patterned stitching, stitched leather, and aluminum details. Its lighting has been designed by Pritchard Themis, a company that studies the effects of materials on light sources.